Fall Bible and Archaeology Fest 2024
November 22 - 24
San Diego, California
27th Annual Fall Bible and Archaeology FestIN-PERSON OR ONLINE
Live lectures and Q&A by 15 experts


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Summer • Vol. 50, No. 2

Enjoy the exciting Summer 2024 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review as you excavate dramatic discoveries, incredible insights, and fun facts from the world of the […]

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BAS Travel/Study 2024

Saturday, September 28, 2024
2-3 pm ET
BAS Scholars Series with Alice Mandell

- Dr. Alice Mandell, Johns Hopkins University
The Amarna Letters: A Story of Scribes and Kings

November 22 - 24, 2024
27th Annual Fall Bible and Archaeology Fest

- In San Diego, California
Live lectures and Q&A by 15 Renowned experts
Plenary with Mark Goodacre

Sunday, December 8, 2024
BAS Scholars Series with Chris Rollston

- Dr. Chris Rollston, George Washington University
Women of Prominence and Power in First Temple Period Hebrew Inscriptions


Find a Holy Land Dig in 2024

Participating in an archaeological excavation is a unique and exciting way to experience history firsthand. For almost four decades, BAS has been connecting volunteers with the opportunity to participate in some of the most exciting archaeological excavations in the Near East. A wide variety of people take part in our featured digs, and individuals of many different ages, backgrounds, and cultures have come together to share the thrill of discovery.

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