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Have you had your Biblical archaeology today? Find out what archaeology can reveal to anyone eager to understand the world of the Bible. Access dozens of free eBooks and daily articles on key Biblical archaeology topics, as well as the latest news and reviews.

Written to be understood, Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) magazine delivers the excitement of archaeology and the latest in Bible scholarship. Explore the current issue along with web-only features and Scholar’s Study, where scholarly debates from the pages of BAR continue online.

Whether it’s to research a paper, to prepare a sermon, to deepen your understanding of scripture or history, or simply to marvel at the complexity of the Bible, the BAS Library is the most comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use online resource for Biblical archaeology.

Check out our collection of visually stunning documentaries filmed on-site in the Holy Land, illuminating and entertaining lectures from top experts, books equally at home in your living room or classroom, annotated image collections, and much more.

“One of the most profound learning experiences of my life—intense, exhausting, challenging and deeply satisfying.” Discover the magic behind rave reviews like this at our live educational events. Photo credits: George Makrauer.

Dozens of archaeological digs throughout the Middle East and Europe are seeking volunteers this summer to help them excavate history. Whether you’re interested in the worlds of Kings David and Solomon, want to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and the apostles, or search for the heroes of the Trojan War, we’ve got an archaeological dig for you.

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