Bible History Daily

Bible History Daily

Feb 23

Jesus and the Cross

By: Steven Shisley

Most scholars believe that early Christians did not use the cross as an image of their religion. So how did the cross become modern Christianity’s most popular symbol?

Feb 22

Was Pontius Pilate’s Ring Discovered at Herodium?

By: Robert Cargill

Thorough cleaning and advances in photographic technology have shed new light on this discovery.

Feb 20

The Timely and Timeless Message of Hope

By: Andrew Perrin

The Qumran group is famously described as “an apocalyptic community that didn’t write apocalypses.” Yet, as we now know, their library not only included their […]


Feb 18

The Creation of Woman in the Bible

By: Megan Sauter

How was the first woman created in Genesis 2? Was she made from the man’s rib or, as recently suggested in BAR, from his os baculum?


Feb 18

Water from a Walking Rock

By: Megan Sauter

What does Paul mean in the Bible when he says that the Israelites drank “from the spiritual rock that followed them” during their wanderings in the wilderness?

Feb 17

Linguistic Hints to the Age of the Hebrew Bible

By: Jonathan Laden

Ronald S. Hendel and Jan Joosten analyze the development of the Hebrew language in the biblical text to address the question of when the. Hebrew Bible was written.


Feb 16

Did the Ancient Israelites Think Children Were People?

By: T. M. Lemos

The Book of Exodus presumably reflects the views of its Israelite authors on their deity, morality, and the like. Why then would the Israelites have imagined Yahweh slaughtering Egyptian children for sins the children themselves had not committed? Did the Israelites even think children were persons with any type of rights?

Feb 15

Hezekiah’s Tunnel Reexamined

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

For more than a hundred years, an extraordinary water tunnel in Jerusalem has been attributed to King Hezekiah, who dug it to protect the city’s water supply during the Assyrian siege of 701 B.C.E. Hence its name, Hezekiah’s Tunnel. However, recent scholarly publications now argue that the tunnel was not built by Hezekiah but by his predecessor or his successors.

Feb 13

Ancient Pergamon

By: Sarah Yeomans

Ancient Pergamon's strategic location along both land and sea trading routes contributed to its prosperity. Pilgrims from all over the Mediterranean region would flock to the city to engage in commerce or to visit the famous Asclepion, a center of medical treatments.

Feb 12

Lost Books, Scribal Authority, and Abraham against the Egyptians in Genesis Apocryphon

By: Andrew Perrin

Any time that a character in the Bible discovers, accesses, or writes a book, it’s significant. Yet are these mentions of media about an actual […]