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Paul and Pri

Nov 11

Priscilla in the New Testament

By: Jonathan Laden

The name of Priscilla does not come up often in Bible study. Yet, as Ben Witherington III explains in “Priscilla—An Extraordinary Early Christian Life” (Biblical […]

Nov 10

What Did Jesus Really Look Like?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

What did Jesus look like? In “Painting a Portrait of Jesus,” D. Moody Smith examined the difficulties in answering this question.

Nov 9

How Bad Was Jezebel?

By: Janet Howe Gaines

For more than two thousand years, Jezebel has been saddled with a reputation as the bad girl of the Bible, the wickedest of women. But just how depraved was she?

Nov 7

A Feast for the Senses … and the Soul

By: Dorothy Willette

Go on a journey of the senses through history and discover the significance of ritual feasts and meals in antiquity.

1,400 year-old iron hammer and nails.

Nov 6

Byzantine Hammer and Nails Found at Ancient Usha

By: Jonathan Laden

The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced that the community excavation at Usha has discovered a 1,400-year-old Byzantine hammer and nails. This is one of only […]

Nov 5

Fruit in the Bible

By: David Moster

Seeds and fruit remains are exciting discoveries for archaeologists, and they provide radiocarbon data to help date buried strata. Fruit also plays an important role in the Biblical narrative.

Nov 4

New Old Torah Scroll

By: Marek Dospěl

The few surviving Torah scrolls that are this old are all very fragmentary and almost illegible. It is thus exciting to find a very old, well-preserved Torah scroll, even if it’s only a fragment, a single sheet.


Nov 2

The Aleppo Codex Online

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Throughout its long history, the Aleppo Codex has been carefully and jealously guarded. Today, however, the Aleppo Codex online project has placed the Aleppo Codex among the ranks of other ancient Biblical manuscripts that have been made available to all via the web.

Staircases at The Church of the Glorious Martyr

Oct 30

Byzantine Church Dedicated to “Glorious Martyr” Discovered Near Jerusalem

By: Jonathan Laden

Today, no one knows who the “glorious martyr” was, at least not yet. But Benjamin Storchan and the Israel Antiquity Authority have found the martyr’s […]


Oct 28

Possible Byzantine Monastery Exposed near Beth Shemesh

By: Robin Ngo

A large Byzantine-era compound outside of Beth Shemesh has recently been discovered. IAA archaeologists believe the compound, which contained olive oil and wine presses and colorful mosaics, was a monastery.