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Bible History Daily

Aug 19

Biblical Bread: Baking Like the Ancient Israelites

By: Cynthia Shafer-Elliott

A team from the Tell Halif archaeological excavation made their own tannur, a traditional oven referenced in the Hebrew Bible, and baked bread in it.

Aug 18

Ancient Bread: 14,400-Year-Old Flatbreads Unearthed in Jordan

By: Samuel DeWitt Pfister

In northeast Jordan, archaeologists discovered ancient “bread-like” remains that pre-date the emergence of agriculture by at least 4,000 years.

Early Jewish Bread Stamp Found Near Akko

Aug 16

Early Jewish Bread Stamp Found Near Akko

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In 2011, Excavators with the Israel Antiquities Authority unearthed a 1,500-year-old Jewish bread stamp from a small Byzantine settlement near the ancient port city of […]

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Aug 14

Jewish Purification or Gentile Bathing?

By: Michele Barasso

When scholars talk about Jewish ritual purity practices in Roman period Judea and Galilee, they most readily associate them with the Jerusalem Temple. Any participant […]


Aug 13

King Herod’s Ritual Bath at Machaerus

By: Robin Ngo

Several mikva’ot (Jewish ritual baths) have been uncovered at Machaerus, the palace-fortress on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea where Salome danced and John the Baptist was beheaded. Archaeologist Győző Vörös takes readers on a journey through past and current archaeological excavations that have resulted in the discovery of these ritual baths.

Aug 12

Queens of Egypt

By: Megan Sauter

Those who sat on the throne of Egypt, one of the mightiest kingdoms of the ancient world, wielded a tremendous amount of power. At a time […]

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Aug 9

Ancient Senate Building Found in North Sinai

By: Jonathan Laden

I will pour out my wrath on Pelusium, the fortress of Egypt, and cut off the troops of Thebes. I will set fire to Egypt; […]

Aug 8

When Egyptian Pharaohs Ruled Bronze Age Jerusalem

By: Noah Wiener

What were Egyptian pharaohs doing in Bronze Age Jerusalem? Peter van der Veen investigates an Egyptian presence before the time of David.

Hazor Excavation Sketch

Aug 6

Canaanite Palace Staircase

By: Jonathan Laden

A massive staircase made of basalt plates 4.5 meters wide has been discovered at Tell Hazor, an ongoing excavation by Hebrew University, a part of the Selz Foundation Hazor Excavations in memory of Yigael Yadin. The lead archaeologists are Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor and Dr. Shlomit Bechar.

Aug 5

Freedom Speaks Hurrian: A Cuneiform Song of Liberation

By: Marek Dospěl

Human history is sadly full of stories of people struggling for freedom and justice in opposition to other people’s desire for dominance and exploitation. And […]