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The Black Obelisk

Nov 25

The Kurkh Monolith and Black Obelisk

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

This is the first part of an exclusive Bible History Daily series on historical texts that are important for understanding the history and world of […]

Biblical Bread Baking

Nov 24

Biblical Bread: Baking Like the Ancient Israelites

By: Cynthia Shafer-Elliott

A team from the Tell Halif archaeological excavation made their own tannur, a traditional oven referenced in the Hebrew Bible, and baked bread in it.


Nov 24

Jews and Arabs Descended from Canaanites

By: Jonathan Laden

After examining the DNA of 93 bodies recovered from archaeological sites around the southern Levant, the land of Canaan in the Bible, researchers have concluded […]

Nov 23

Tutankhamun’s Centenary: 100 Years since the Discovery of King Tut’s Tomb

By: Marek Dospěl

ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO, on November 4, 1922, archaeologists working in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings uncovered the first of 16 steps leading down to […]

The Stones of Herod’s Temple Reveal Temple Mount History

Nov 22

The Stones of Herod’s Temple Reveal Temple Mount History

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Building and furnishing the Herodian Temple involved more than stone quarrying and laying, but the stones and foundations of Herod’s Temple can give us clues to Temple Mount history.

Foster Bible Pictures

Nov 21

Who Was the Wife of Cain?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Who did Cain marry? Where did she come from? Mary Joan Winn Leith suggests that while the Israelite storyteller knew that other men and women in Genesis existed outside of Eden, they did not matter to him or factor into his account. He was concerned with Adam and Eve and their progeny—not those outside of this group.

Nov 20

Laughter in the Bible? Absolutely!

By: Robin Gallaher Branch

Robin Gallaher Branch on the lighter side of the Bible.


Nov 19

Were Mary and Joseph Married or Engaged at Jesus’ Birth?

By: Mark Wilson

Were Mary and Joseph married or engaged when they traveled to Bethlehem? Biblical scholar Mark Wilson examines what the gospels say in this Bible History Daily guest post.

Nov 18

What Does the Mesha Stele Say?

By: André Lemaire

The Mesha Stele details the victories of King Mesha of Moab over the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. It was found at Dibon, the capital […]

Nov 18

Looking to the Future

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

 Join Biblical Archaeology Review Assistant Editor, Nathan Steinmeyer, as we sit down with Rona Avissar Lewis, the new director of the Israel Exploration Society […]