Hazor Lower City


Hazor, the largest Canaanite city in ancient Israel.

Join us this season as we begin a new campaign to explore the destruction of the lower city at Late Bronze Age Hazor! Our new excavations at biblical Hazor during Summer 2020 will focus on the gateway and piazza in the lower city. Yadin excavated the eastern half of the gateway in the 1950s; the western half remains for us to uncover, including what promises to be up to two meters of destruction debris, which may hold answers to who destroyed Bronze Age Hazor and when. And the piazza, located just inside the gate, has never before been excavated! The first half of the season (7-25 June) will be run by the University of Haifa and George Washington University. The second half of the season (28 June – 17 July) will be run by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Geographic Location

Upper Galillee

Periods of Occupation

Late Bronze Age

Minimum Stay

2 weeks

Academic Credit/Cost per Credit/Institution

Academic credit offered by University of Haifa and Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



$550-$700 per week.


Yossi Garfinkel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Assaf Yasur-Landau, University of Haifa

Eric H. Cline, George Washington University

Michael Hasel, Southern Adventist University


Professor Eric Kline
Dept of Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
335 Phillips Hall, 801 22nd St NW
Washington, DC 20052
United States

email: [email protected]
phone: 202-994-0316
Please go to our website and download the application(s) for the session(s) in which you would like to participate and then send them to the email addresses listed on the forms: https://dighazor2020.wordpress.com