Resort Seminar at the Dead Sea in Jordan

March 2022

One week at a Dead Sea resort. The largest Natural Spa in the World.

- Dr. Robert Cargill, Editor, Biblical Archaeology Review

This BAS exclusive experience is unprecedented. It is currently in the planning stages, scheduled for a March 2022 launch. To be among the first notified when we open reservations, Please contact us at 800-221-4644 or write to [email protected]. New information will be added to the website as available

Since ancient times the Dead Sea has been a place of inspiration, restoration, and refuge
A place of healing
A place of sanctuary
Located some 400 meters below sea level at the lowest point on earth’s surface, it is part of the Syrian-East Africa Riff Valley, flanked by the Judean and Moab Mountains. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and the largest “Natural Spa” in the world; its mineral-rich waters and mud flow with natural health and beauty benefits. Because of its strategic location, it is a short distance from some of the most important Biblical Sites in the land.

Join us next March for an experience of restoration and enrichment.
Relax at the shores of the Dead Sea while being enriched by expert lectures and bible related experiences.


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