Mediterranean Cruise 2024

September 2-15, 2024
On board the gorgeous Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas
8 stops with archaeological tours, and 6 lectures on board the ship

The Seafaring Paul in His Jewish Roman World
- Hosted by James Tabor

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Come join us for a higher education experience of a lifetime! Learning all about ​Paul’s Roman World in eight enriching lectures from renowned scholar James D. Tabor, retired professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte—all while cruising the enchanting Mediterranean Sea to exciting ports o’ call.

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Imagine the warm September breezes while at sea, relaxing on deck and taking in the spectacular scenery from Royal Caribbean’s world-class Odyssey of the Seas luxury cruise ship.

You’ll fly to Rome, then sail from Civitavecchia with three days at sea filled with lectures and free time among day stops to visit archaeological ruins at Naples/Pompeii, Athens & Corinth, the Greek Isles, then to Ephesus, Turkey; Mykonos, and Chania to see ancient sites first-hand with your expert host before returning home from ​Rome.

With this unique BAS Travel/Study offering/opportunity, you will be completely amazed and fulfilled! Next September bring your curious, like-minded friends and loved ones for a life-long learning & cruising adventure.


The Seafaring Paul in His Jewish Roman World

This unique tour focuses on the “Seafaring Paul” who spent much of his preaching career traveling the eastern Mediterranean world and its major “Ports of Call,” from Cyprus, Rhodes, and Crete to the cultural centers of Athens, Corinth, Ephesus, and Rome. Dr. Tabor is uniquely qualified to lead this exciting exploration of Paul in his Jewish Roman world. He has traveled extensively in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, pursuing a unique blend of textual and archaeological research. Beginning with his Ph.D. from Chicago, which focused on Paul, and two subsequent books, Paul and Jesus and Paul’s Ascent to Paradise he has endeavored to understand Paul’s mission and message within his Jewish Roman cultural, political and religious worlds. Imagine studying the apostle Paul in the very places he sailed and walked—with all the inherent dangers and challenges he faced from all quarters.

Educational Opportunities Tours

Sept. 2 – Fly out of New York City airport (TBD by EO Tours)

Sept. 3 - Arrive in Rome, transfer to the Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas and depart Civitavecchia

Sept. 4 - Naples and Pompeii

· Morning: Depart for Pompeii.

o Tour the ruins of Pompeii. Key sights: Forum, the House of the Vettii, Amphitheater, and plaster casts of victims.

· Afternoon: Return to Naples.

o Quick visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples to see artifacts from Pompeii.

Sept 5 – At Sea: Two Lectures

“Meeting Paul Again—for the First Time”

“From Asia to Europe—Preaching the Unknown God”

Sept. 6 – Athens and Corinth

· Morning: Athens Acropolis Tour.

o Highlights: Parthenon, Erechtheion, Theatre of Dionysus.

· Afternoon: Bus to Corinth.

o Tour the archaeological site of Ancient Corinth. Key sights: Temple of Apollo, the Bema, and the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth.

Educational Opportunities Tours

Sept. 7 - Santorini

· Morning to Afternoon: Akrotiri Archaeological Site.

o Highlights: Frescoes, advanced drainage system, three-storey buildings.

· Late Afternoon: Visit to the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira.

Sept. 8 - Rhodes

· Morning to Afternoon: Explore the Old Town and Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.

o Highlights: Palace of the Grand Master, Street of the Knights, ancient artifacts.

Sept. 9 - Limassol, Cyprus

· Morning: Tour of Palaipaphos (Sanctuary of Aphrodite).

· Midday: Visit Kourion Archaeological Site.

o Highlights: Theatre, Eustolios House, mosaics.

· Afternoon: Paphos Archaeological Park.

o Key sights: House of Dionysos, Tombs of the Kings.

Sept. 10 – At Sea: Two Lectures

“Paul as Roman Citizen—His Untold Story”

“Synagogues, Temples, and Markets—The Multicultural Apostle”

Educational Opportunities Tours

Sept. 11 - Ephesus, Turkey

· Morning to Afternoon: Tour of Ancient Ephesus.

o Highlights: Library of Celsus, Temple of Artemis, Terrace Houses, Great Theatre.

Sept. 12 - Mykonos, Greece

· Flexible Day: Explore Mykonos Town (Chora) and its historical sites. Perhaps a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos.

Sept. 13 - Chania, Crete

· Morning: Visit to the Archaeological Site of Phalasarna.

· Midday: Tour of Kissamos and its Archaeological Museum.

· Afternoon: Explore Erethymna, another important archaeological site.

Sept. 14 – At Sea: Two Lectures

“Paul’s Gospel Message—The Old and the New at the End of the Age”

“Paul Before the Emperor Nero—His Final Days”

Sept. 15 - Arrive at port at Civitavecchia and fly out of Rome.

James Tabor

Dr. James Tabor is a retired Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he taught Christian origins and ancient Judaism for thirty-three years, serving as Chair of the Department for a decade. His Ph.D. is from the University of Chicago. He now devotes himself full-time to research, archaeological field work, and publishing. [More Bio]




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