Egypt 2022

January 14 - 25, 2022
- Dr. Chahinda Karim
Egyptologist, Art Historian, Professor at the American University in Cairo

Where Bible History Comes Alive

Experience the splendor of the iconic wonder of the ancient world – the great Pyramids of Giza. Journey back in time as you explore the temples, tombs and monuments of the East and rarely visited West Valley of the Kings. Daily life in Ancient Egypt and the pharaohs journey to the afterlife come alive as you explore Valley of the Queens, Nobles and Workers on 2 full days. Witness exquisite Nile River landscapes reminiscent of ancient Egypt and Biblical times. Gain insight into Coptic and Islamic Egypt on expert-led walks. Plus Memphis, Saqqara, Abydos and Dendera, Luxor and Karnak temples and much more.

“Here Osiris and his worshippers lived; here Abraham and Moses walked; here Aristotle came; here, later, Mahomet learnt the best of his religion and studied Christianity; here, perhaps, our Savior’s mother brought her little son to open his eyes to the light. They are all gone from the body; but the Nile flows and the pyramids stand there still.”
– Florence Nightingale “Letters from Egypt” 1862-1869


Dr. Chahinda Karim

Dr. Chahinda Karim of the American University in Cairo, brings context and perspective to all of your experiences.

BAS participants have called Chahinda the “Treasure of Egypt”. Egypt comes alive as she integrates Egyptology with archaeology, art, history and culture; creating meaningful connections to all of the sights of Egypt. A delightful, personable and down-to-earth lecturer, she communicates her knowledge brilliantly as she inspires real learning.

“Dr. Karim is gifted in her knowledge and ability to blend the latest archaeological theories with the spirit of ancient Egypt. She inspires a deep appreciation for the grandeur and complexity of Egypt’s art and architecture, both past and present, and is uniquely educated and experienced to meet the intellectual demands of the discerning traveler.”—S. Carey, Boston

“Chahinda is ‘The Treasure of Egypt.”—Egypt tourists

Dr. Chahinda Karim sharing insights with BAS travelers inside a tomb


Temma Ecker, M. Ad. Ed..

From her earliest days in tourism, Temma Ecker, President Journeys of the Mind, Inc. has nurtured both a profound love of learning about other cultures and a belief that travel should foster an in-depth understanding of our world. Temma has designed and led more that 100 tours to Egypt and the greater Middle East for clients ranging from large cultural institutions to individuals and small groups with special interests. Traveling with her clients, she shares a passion for Egypt and offers an insider’s knowledge of its people and places and an educator’s eye for detail and design.


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