BAS Summer Seminar 2024 at St. Olaf

July 7-13, 2024 / 18 Lectures July 8-12
St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota

Interconnections: The Biblical World of the Eastern Mediterranean

- Jennie Ebeling, University of Evansville and Thomas Davis, Lipscomb University

Interconnections: The Biblical World of the
Eastern Mediterranean

Explore the impact the Mediterranean world, from world powers to centers of trade, had on the writers of the Bible.

With Jennie Ebeling, learn how pharaohs, pirates, and merchants shaped the history of ancient Israel and Judah. Thomas Davis will reveal how Alexander the Great, Greek language and culture, and the later Roman Empire helped define Second Temple Judaism and ultimately allowed Christianity to spread to the west.

Don’t miss this journey into the past!


Jennie Ebeling

University of Evansville

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Thomas Davis

Lipscomb University

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Jennie Ebeling’s Lectures

  • Introduction to the Eastern Mediterranean during the Bronze and Iron Ages
  • Egypt in Canaan during the Late Bronze Age
  • Great Kings and Not-So-Great Kings: International Diplomacy in the Amarna Letters
  • The Uluburun Shipwreck and its Cargo
  • The Sea Peoples and the Collapse of the Late Bronze Age
  • The Phoenicians at Home and Abroad
  • Kings of Israel on the International Stage
  • Judah and Cyprus on the Neo-Assyrian Periphery
  • Jerusalem: An International City of the Iron Age?

Click here to view a sample lecture with Prof. Jennie Ebeling.

Thomas Davis’s Lectures

  • Asking the question: a History of NT Archaeology
  • Transforming the world: The Impact of Alexander the Great on the Ancient Near East
  • The Hellenistic World
  • Herod and Rome
  • The world turned upside down: The Archaeology of Christmas
  • Galilee of Jesus: Power, politics, and Authority
  • The Archaeology of Paul: The Comfort Zone
  • Archaeology and text: A case study using Paul and Cyprus
  • Multiple Identities: Paul in a colonized world


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