27th Annual Fall Bible and Archaeology Fest

November 22 - 24, 2024
San Diego, California

Live lectures and Q&A by 15 Renowned experts

This Fall, come help us celebrate our 27th annual Fall Bible and Archaeology Fest in San Diego, California, or online via Zoom.

Top scholars and rising stars in the field will speak on new finds, new analysis, and ongoing debates advancing understanding in the field of biblical archaeology.

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Shirly Ben-Dor Evian

Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, University of Haifa
The Archaeology of Sheshonq I in the Levant: Tracing an Elusive Empire

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Karen Britt

Northwest Missouri State University
War and Violence in the Late Antique Visual Culture

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Erika Brown

PHD student
Top Finds in Biblical Archaeology

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Yuval Gadot

Tel-Aviv University
Ancient Jerusalem: A current archaeological View

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Mark Goodacre

Duke University
Plenary Speaker
'I am he!' Is John's Jesus a Different Person from the Synoptic Jesus?

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Matthew Grey

Brigham Young University
Excavating the Last Supper: Archaeological Perspectives on Dining Practices in First-Century Jerusalem and the Early Jesus Movement

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Ralph Hawkins

Averett University
The Newly Discovered Four-Room Houses at Khirbet ʿAuja el-Foqa

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Charlotte Hempel

University of Birmingham, England
The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Great Outdoors

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Ronald Hendel

University of California, Berkeley
Giants and the Conquest of Canaan

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Mark Janzen

Lipscomb University
From the Court of Pharaoh to the Slopes of Sinai: What Egyptology Can Tell Us about the Exodus

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Chris McKinny

Gesher Media
Top Finds in Biblical Archaeology

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Elizabeth Schrader Polczer

Villanova University
The Suppression of Mary Magdalene in the book of John

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Cynthia Shafer-Elliott

Baylor University
Hospitality in Ancient Israel

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James Tabor

University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Jesus Beyond the Jordan

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Mark Wilson

Asia Minor Research Center
Neither Cold nor Hot but Lukewarm: Were the Laodiceans Baring Themselves in the Baths?

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We are excited to welcome Mark Goodacre as our plenary speaker. Mark is the Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins in the Religious Studies Department at Duke University. He earned his MA, M. Phil and D. Phil at the University of Oxford. His research interests include the Gospels, the Apocryphal New Testament, and the Historical Jesus.

Mark is the author of four books including The Case Against Q: Studies in Markan Priority and the Synoptic Problem (Harrisburg, PA: Trinity Press International, 2002) and Thomas and the Gospels: The Case for Thomas's Familiarity with the Synoptics (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2012).

He is well known for creating web resources on New Testament and Christian origins, including his podcast, the NT Pod. Goodacre has acted as consultant for several TV and radio programs including The Passion (BBC / HBO, 2008) and Finding Jesus (CNN, 2015-17). Goodacre is currently working on a book on John's knowledge of the Synoptic Gospels.

For our ever-popular interactive program following the Saturday night dinner banquet, Erika Brown, a popular biblical archaeology blogger, and Chris McKinny of Gesher Media return to share Top Ten Discoveries of 2024. Enjoy hearing first-hand from these archaeologists about the latest finds and their significance in the history of the world of the Bible.


Proposed Schedule (All times are Pacific Coast Time)

  • Friday, Nov. 22, 7pm - 8pm: Plenary lecture
  • Saturday, Nov. 23, 9am - 5:30pm: 6 lectures
    7pm - 9pm: Celebration dinner with Chris McKinny and Erika Brown lecturing
  • Sunday, Nov. 24, 9am - 5:30pm: 6 lectures


Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Diego CA

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Included in our $795 price: All 14 lectures, recordings of the 14 lectures (2 weeks after the Fall Fest ends, if the there are no technical issues) and celebration buffet dinner at the Hyatt.

At the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, we are only providing coffee and tea for morning and afternoon breaks, the Saturday evening banquet, and the lectures. No breakfast or lunch included.


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