25th Annual Bible and Archaeology Fest

October 8 & 9, 2022
2-days of virtual learning and fun
Dozens of insightful lectures by experts
Plenary and interactive Q&A sessions

Join us this October 8–9 for BAS’s 25th Anniversary of Bible and Archaeology Fest! The annual fall program is our flagship event. And it’s your opportunity to learn from the world’s leading biblical scholars and archaeologists as they present the latest finds, discoveries, and research about the biblical past.

This two-day event will be held virtually via Zoom, allowing you to watch live and ask questions in real time, from the comfort of your own space. Or you can choose to watch later, when your schedule allows, with full access to the recordings of every exciting and thought-provoking presentation.

The event will feature a timely and insightful plenary lecture by esteemed archaeologist and Duke University professor Carol Meyers on the ancient “gender gap” and what archaeology reveals about the lives of ordinary women in biblical times.

Also come celebrate the 75th anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls with a special panel discussion among leading Scroll experts Charlotte Hempel, Dennis Mizzi, and Joe Uziel about current and future trends in Dead Sea Scrolls research and why the Scrolls remain so fascinating to so many people from all walks of life around the globe.

Additional speakers and registration information are still being confirmed so check back regularly for updates!


Carol Meyers

Plenary Speaker
Duke University
The Ancient “Gender Gap”: The Bible, Archaeology, and Israelite Women

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Charlotte Hempel

Dead Sea Scrolls Q&A Panelist
University of Birmingham, UK

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Dennis Mizzi

Dead Sea Scrolls Q&A Panelist
University of Malta

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Joe Uziel

Dead Sea Scrolls Q&A Panelist
Israel Antiquities Authority

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Elizabeth Backfish

William Jessup University
Conventions and Contributions of Hebrew Poetry

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Alice Bellis

Howard University
Howard University School of Divinity’s Return of an Ethiopic Manuscript to Ethiopia

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Andrea Berlin

Boston University
Hellenism and its Consequences

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Ra'anan Boustan

Princeton University
Dreams of the Big City: Depictions of Cities and Urban Spaces in Rural Churches and Synagogues

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Karen Britt

Northwest Missouri State University
Dreams of the Big City: Depictions of Cities and Urban Spaces in Rural Churches and Synagogues

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James Charlesworth

Princeton Theological Seminary
Discovering the Tombs of David and Solomon After 50 Years of Searching

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Christy Cobb

Wingate University
Slavery, Archaeology, and the New Testament

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Ralph Hawkins

Averett University
The Promise of the Conquest of Canaan in the Book of Exodus

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Lee Jefferson

Centre College
Was Jesus a Magician? Wands, Wizards, and Magic in Early Christianity

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Shelby Justl

University of Pennsylvania
The Real Housewives of Ancient Egypt

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Morag Kersel

DePaul University
Buying the Holy Land: Tourists, Souvenirs, and Purchasing the Past

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Thomas Levy

University of California, San Diego
Archaeological Science and Biblical Edom

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Daniel Master

Wheaton College
Tel Shimron: A city state in the Jezreel Valley

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R. Steven Notley

Nyack College
Byzantine Bethsaida and the House of St. Peter

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James Tabor

University of North Carolina, Charlotte
How Does One Follow the God of Israel after 70 C.E.? How the Gospel of Mark is Our Earliest Post-War Proposal

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Shelley Wachsmann

Texas A&M University
“Some Went Down to the Sea in Ships…”: Ships, Boats, and Seafaring in Biblical Times

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Meredith Warren

University of Sheffield
The Sweet Hereafter? Transformative Tasting in the Bible and Beyond

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  • Full payment due at time of registration
  • Early Bird: $179 (ends September 26, 2022)
  • Student Rate: $99/per person
  • Cancellation: You may request a refund until September 8, 2022. You will be refunded the full amount less a $20.00 administrative fee.


If you are unable to fill out the electronic registration form, please contact the Travel/Study department at 1-800-221-4644 ext. 216.


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