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Religion in ancient Israel, or ancient Israelite religion, refers to the religious practices and beliefs of the people of Israel during the Biblical period, especially from the Iron Age to the Persian period.

Asherah and the Asherim: Goddess or Cult Symbol?

06/03 | Who is Asherah? What is asherah? The reference may be to a particular goddess, a class of goddess or a cult symbol used to represent the goddess. It is sometimes   Read more…

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How Archaeology Illuminates the Bible

07/24 | Each of these eight lectures by Professor William G. Dever was created specially for readers of Biblical Archaeology Review. Each is a gem. The lectures are illustrated with pictures, maps   Read more…

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Idols of the People

01/10 | Victor Avigdor Hurowitz reviews “Idols of the People: Miniature Images of Clay in the Ancient Near East” by P.R.S. Moorey.   Read more…

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