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Did Archaeologists Really Discover a New Dead Sea Scroll Cave?

02/21 | Did archaeologists excavating a cave west of the Dead Sea settlement of Qumran find a new Dead Sea Scroll cave? Scholar Robert R. Cargill examines the evidence.   Read more…

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The Masoretic Text and the Dead Sea Scrolls

01/20 | Do insights from the Dead Sea Scrolls add to the Masoretic text, and if so, should the original Hebrew Bible text be modified based this information? Scholars from both sides   Read more…

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Where Were the Dead Sea Scrolls Found and Who Put Them There?

01/04 | For nearly 2,000 years, the Qumran caves protected the secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Might the same caves also shed light on the mystery of who deposited the scrolls   Read more…

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