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The Oracle of Delphi—Was She Really Stoned?

05/01 | According to Strabo and other sources, the Pythia who gave prophecies on behalf of Apollo was inspired by mysterious vapors. Is there evidence that intoxicating gases actually drifted through the   Read more…

Posted in Daily Life and Practice, The Ancient Near Eastern World.

Ancient Lullabies in Mesopotamia

03/28 | Parents worldwide and through the ages have longed for a magical cure for their crying babies. In his Archaeological Views column, David Bosworth examines ancient Mesopotamian lullabies used to soothe   Read more…

Posted in The Ancient Near Eastern World.

The Gospel of the Lots of Mary

02/10 | AnneMarie Luijendijk has identified a previously unknown Late Antique text containing oracles called The Gospel of the Lots of Mary.   Read more…

Posted in News, Post-Biblical Period.

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