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How Was Jesus’ Tomb Sealed?

04/06 | Urban C. von Wahlde looks at the Gospel accounts to see how the stone that sealed the tomb of Jesus is portrayed.   Read more…

Posted in Biblical Archaeology Topics, Jerusalem, Jesus/Historical Jesus, New Testament.

On What Day Did Jesus Rise?

04/05 | On what day did Jesus rise? After three days or on the third day? Ben Witherington III examines this question in BAR.   Read more…

Posted in Bible Interpretation.

Two Burials of Jesus of Nazareth and the Talpiot Yeshua Tomb

03/14 | Back to “Jesus Tomb” Controversy Erupts—Again

James D. Tabor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Jodi Magness argues on this web site that the controversial tomb in the east Talpiot area of   Read more…

Posted in Biblical Archaeology Topics.

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