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Learn about the excavations at Magdala, hometown of the New Testament’s Mary Magdalene on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. Among the exciting discoveries are a first-century C.E. synagogue, marketplace, fishing pools, mikva’ot (Jewish ritual baths) and an intriguing stone block that depicts symbols of the Jerusalem Temple.

Discoveries in Mary Magdalene’s Hometown

05/03 | Following the discovery of a synagogue at Magdala on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, four ritual purification baths dating to Jesus’ time have been uncovered. These attest to   Read more…

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The Magdala Stone: The Jerusalem Temple Embodied

10/27 | For a people living in the diaspora, unable to visit the Jerusalem Temple frequently, what kept the memory and centrality of the Temple fresh in their minds? An intriguing stone   Read more…

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The Fishy Secret to Ancient Magdala’s Economic Growth

08/09 | Historical sources say that the export of salted fish at Magdala was so successful that it soon became a self-sustaining town. What does the archaeology reveal?   Read more…

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