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The Last Days of Hattusa

05/07 | In the latter part of the second millennium B.C., the Hittite empire was a Near Eastern superpower. Its capital, Hattusa, was a great city of palaces and temples surrounded by   Read more…

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City of David Archaeologists Unearth Late Bronze Age Egyptian Scarab

04/19 | Israeli archaeologists working at the City of David excavations in Jerusalem recently uncovered a rare 13th century B.C.E. Egyptian scarab. The scarab dates to Egypt’s 19th dynasty, which was marked   Read more…

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Inmate Turns Egyptologist Through Study of Hieroglyphs (and BAR)

03/16 | Timothy Fenstermacher, an inmate at Tehachapi State Prison, surprised Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) editors in 2010 with an insightful response regarding the distribution of the so-called “Sinai hieroglyph” referenced in   Read more…

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