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Clay bullae, or seal impressions, are among the most common Biblical artifacts found in Israel and the Near East. Clay bullae were formed by pressing a seal into a wet lump of clay that secured the string tied around a document. The seal impression served as both a signature and security measure for the authenticity of the contents. In the fiery destructions that were so common in antiquity, the documents and strings were usually burned away, but the clay bullae were baked hard and therefore preserved.

Five Museum of the Bible Dead Sea Scrolls Are Fake

10/23 | The Museum of the Bible announced that at least five of their Dead Sea Scrolls fragments have been determined to be fakes.   Read more…

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Tel Maresha Caves Reveal Hellenistic Treasures

09/18 | Recent excavations shed further light on how ancient peoples used the subterranean cave complexes at Tel Maresha.   Read more…

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King Hezekiah in the Bible: Royal Seal of Hezekiah Comes to Light

02/21 | For the first time, the royal seal of King Hezekiah in the Bible has been found in an archaeological excavation.   Read more…

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