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How Bad Was Jezebel?

03/19 | For more than two thousand years, Jezebel has been saddled with a reputation as the bad girl of the Bible, the wickedest of women. This ancient queen has been denounced   Read more…

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Fit for a Queen: Jezebel’s Royal Seal

05/01 | Back to Scholars Debate “Jezebel” Seal

[caption id=”attachment_18769″ align=”alignright” width=”239″ caption=”© The Israel Museum, Jerusalem/Courtesy Israel Antiquities Authority Belonging to a queen? Elaborately decorated with symbols and letters, this stone seal   Read more…

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Is it “Tenable”?

05/01 | After the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz got wind that BAR would be publishing the foregoing article, it published its own story in October 2007 about the Jezebel seal and Professor Korpel’s   Read more…

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