Tag: Biblical Archaeology

Biblical archaeology is a branch of archaeology dealing with the archaeology of Biblical lands that informs our understanding of the Bible and/or the historicity of Biblical events.

The Te’omim Cave: Rebel Hideout and Cult Site

10/16 | The Te’omim Cave in the Jerusalem hills served as a refuge for Jewish rebels during the Bar-Kokhba Revolt and later as a pagan cultic site in the second–fourth centuries C.E.   Read more…

Posted in Biblical Archaeology Sites.

Who Was St. Nicholas?

10/11 | The legend of jolly old St. Nicholas evolved into Santa Claus in Christmas tradition, but who was St. Nicholas?   Read more…

Posted in Post-Biblical Period.

BAR Test Kitchen: Roman Custard

10/11 | Learn how to make a sweet custard from ancient Rome with the BAR Test Kitchen.   Read more…

Posted in Daily Life and Practice.

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