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Biblical archaeology discoveries include artifacts, ruins and other material remains that make a contribution to our understanding of the Bible and/or the historicity of Biblical events. Also know as Biblical archaeology finds and Biblical archaeology findings.

The House of Peter: The Home of Jesus in Capernaum?

04/22 | Italian excavators working in Capernaum may have uncovered the remnants of the humble house of Peter that Jesus called home while in Capernaum.   Read more…

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Biblical Minimalism and Maximalism in Scholarship

04/10 | Bill Dever discusses BAR’s facilitation of the Biblical minimalism-maximalism debate, which centers on whether the establishment of ancient Israel took place in the tenth or the ninth century B.C.E.   Read more…

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Medicine in the Ancient World

03/27 | What exactly did ancient cultures do to combat disease and injury, and did these methods have any real basis in science as we know it today? The answers may surprise   Read more…

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