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Historical objects from antiquity, particularly from classical Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East.

Women of the Ancient Near East: Julia Berenice

03/19 | Meet Julia Berenice: queen of Judea, political operator in a Roman arena, and lover of Titus—the destroyer of Jerusalem.   Read more…

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The Ancient Library of Alexandria

03/12 | When Alexander the Great died in 323 B.C.E., the Ptolemaic dynasty was given control of Egypt. Ptolemy I (c. 367–283 B.C.E.) established his capital at Alexandria and immediately began to   Read more…

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Understanding an Ancient Israelite Military Title

01/29 | A handful of ancient Israelite inscriptions feature an enigmatic title that has been variously translated as “governor of the city” and “commander of the fortress.” Who was this figure?   Read more…

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