Tag: Antiquities

Historical objects from antiquity, particularly from classical Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East.

Christian Apocrypha: The “Lost Gospels”?

12/11 | The Christian apocrypha—noncanonical gospels—didn’t make the cut. But were they truly rejected, suppressed and destroyed? Until recent times there was no doubt. But now this “truth” may be unraveling. Many   Read more…

Posted in Bible Interpretation, New Testament.

The Origins of “The Cherry Tree Carol”

12/03 | “The Cherry Tree Carol” is a Christmas carol that first appeared in 13th-century England; an American version was discovered in Appalachia in the 20th century. Stonehill College Biblical scholar Mary   Read more…

Posted in Post-Biblical Period.

Museum of the Bible: Part Museum, Part Holy Land Experience

11/15 | The Museum of the Bible is opening in Washington, DC. Take a look at some of the spectacular exhibition spaces and interactive rooms.   Read more…

Posted in News, Artifacts and the Bible, Exhibits/Events.

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