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Historical objects from antiquity, particularly from classical Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East.

First Person: A Little Jot on a Jerusalem Column

01/14 | The Jerusalem Column is the first inscription from the Second Temple period where the full spelling of the Hebrew name of Jerusalem appears.   Read more…

Posted in Inscriptions.

Anastylosis at Machaerus, Where John the Baptist Was Beheaded

01/06 | Győző Vörös details the restoration work taking place at Machaerus—giving archaeological context to the New Testament episode featuring Princess Salome and John the Baptist.   Read more…

Posted in Biblical Archaeology Places, Biblical Archaeology Sites, Cultural Heritage, New Testament.

New Testament Political Figures: The Evidence

01/03 | Archaeology has confirmed 53 people from the Hebrew Bible. What about the New Testament? In BAR, Lawrence Mykytiuk examines the political figures in the New Testament who can be identified   Read more…

Posted in People in the Bible.

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