Each year BAR does a “Volunteers’ Digs Guide,” which presents nearly half a million readers with a comprehensive listing of dig opportunities in the Bible Lands and the Mediterranean basin. We offer a site map that summarizes the essential information about each dig.

Additionally, the Find a Dig page on our website offers comprehensive information on archaeological digs seeking volunteers. This information is available year-round on our award-winning website.


Please fill out the online form with all of the requested information about your project. You can best help us get the word about your dig out to prospective volunteers by providing us with the most up-to-date and complete information about your dig, as well as the relevant links and contact information. If changes occur after we’ve already posted your excavation online, please notify us immediately so that we can update your dig’s information page.

You can also help us by uploading high-resolution (300 dpi) electronic images of your dig. We prefer candid shots of volunteers excavating and interacting, and we like to show people’s faces and reactions to their work. We also look for high-quality images of unique finds and sometimes run a “Prize Find” sidebar that discusses a particular artifact in detail. If you think you have a “Prize Find” candidate, upload a photo of it and tell us why it’s special. Please include brief captions and credit information for each image that you submit.

1. Only dig directors are to complete this form.

2. We reserve the right not to post digs using our discretion.

3. In order to be included on our website, please provide at least one horizontal photo (357px × 200px).

4. Please enter information into the form below exactly as you wish it to appear on our website and/or in print in our magazine.

5. Dig sites with multiple programs/field schools must submit a separate form for each program/field school.

6. If you are updating your information from last year, please fill out Name of Site and only those additional fields that need to be updated.