Each year, the Biblical Archaeology Society compiles an online guide to current excavations, which presents nearly half a million readers with a comprehensive listing of dig opportunities for volunteers in Israel, Jordan, and elsewhere.

In addition to providing basic dig information in the Spring 2024 issue of BAR, we will be including full info on the “Find a Dig” page of our website as well as a site map summarizing the essential information about each dig. This information is available year-round on our award-winning website.

This year, however, we aim not only to share your dig with potential volunteers, but to also actively promote it by sharing site stories, photos, media content, and interviews through our Bible History Daily blog and social media channels (see “Advertising and Social Media” below for more information).

Please fill out the online form with the most up-to-date information. If your dig is still awaiting confirmation of dates for the dig season or volunteer accommodations, fill in what you are able to now, but be sure to provide an update (through this same form) as soon as these details are known. If changes occur after we’ve already posted your excavation online, please notify us immediately so that we can update your dig’s information.

1. Only dig directors and/or senior staff should complete this form.

2. Please enter information into the form below exactly as you wish it to appear on our website, print magazine, and social media. (Please note that information may be edited for style, consistency, and readability.)

3. Dig sites with multiple programs/field schools must submit a separate form for each program/field school.

4. If you are updating your information from a previously submitted dig, please fill out Name of Site and only those additional fields that need to be updated.

5. For any questions regarding the dig form or your submission, please email: [email protected].

Note: We reserve the right not to post digs using our discretion.