Scholars Debate “Jezebel” Seal


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Even before it went to press, Marjo Korpel’s recent BAR article, “Fit for a Queen: Jezebel’s Royal Seal,” made a splash. Professor Korpel’s bold identification of a seal with the infamous Biblical Jezebel—a claim based on a reconstruction of the artifact—elicited a major critical furor.

The first response came from paleographer Christopher Rollston, who posted his critique online. In response to what he felt was unfair treatment of Korpel by Rollston, BAR Editor Hershel Shanks penned a response, entitled “Is It Tenable?Rollston quickly replied…followed again by Shanks. Other major scholars, Amihai Mazar and Ryan Byrne, have since weighed in, and Korpel has written a response to her critics. Read these critiques for yourself—and add your voice to the debate!

Fit for a Queen: Jezebel’s Royal Seal
Byrne: Where Is Jezebel?
Rollston Reponds to Shanks
Shanks Responds to Rollston
Rollston Critique of the Jezebel Seal Theory
Shanks: Is it “Tenable”?
Mazar: Too Late for Jezebel
Korpel Responds to her Critics


Read Janet Howe Gaines’s article “How Bad Was Jezebel?” online for free as it appeared in Bible Review.

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