Israel Antiquities Authority vs. Conspiracy of (Alleged) Forgers


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After five years, the “forgery trial of the century” has concluded in a Jerusalem courtroom. Now the only remaining defendants, antiquities collector Oded Golan and antiquities dealer Robert Deutsch, await the judge’s verdict. So does the rest of the world.

Will the case collapse? Why did it go on so long?


Spring/Summer 2011 Trial Updates

Oded Golan’s Commentary on the Expert Witnesses of the Case

Fall 2010 Trial Updates

Judge Considers Verdict in 5-Year-Long Jesus Forgery Trial Kilmon: The Forgery Case Will Be Dropped

Spring 2009 Trial Updates

Hershel Shanks: Has Joe Zias Shown the James Ossuary Inscription to Be a Modern Forgery? New Scientific Evidence in James Ossuary Forgery Trial
Hershel Shanks: James Ossuary Trial Continues to Unravel Hershel Shanks: “Prosecutorial Misconduct” in Israeli Forgery Case?

2008 Trial Commentary

Hershel Shanks: Trial Reaching Climax?
A Prosecutor Comments
Burleigh: Questions from an Author
Shanks Responds to Burleigh

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