Scholar’s Study

Scholar’s Study

Giotto adoration of the magi

Dec 21

Herod’s Death, Jesus’ Birth and a Lunar Eclipse

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Read letters published in the Q&C section of BAR debating the dates of Herod’s death, Jesus’ birth and to which lunar eclipse Josephus was referring.

Nag Hammadi Codex

Oct 2

Nag Hammadi Codices

By: Marek Dospěl

The Nag Hammadi Codices are a group of papyrus manuscripts discovered near the city of Nag Hammadi in southern Egypt, about 70 miles north of […]

Abraham's Angels

Jul 22

Wordplay in Genesis

By: Philip D. Stern

It is no secret to students of the Bible that the ancient Hebrews loved plays on words. And nowhere in the Hebrew Bible are there […]

Nov 4

New Old Torah Scroll

By: Marek Dospěl

The few surviving Torah scrolls that are this old are all very fragmentary and almost illegible. It is thus exciting to find a very old, well-preserved Torah scroll, even if it’s only a fragment, a single sheet.

Aug 26

Dating of the Samaritan Temple on Mt. Gerizim

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In “Bells, Pendants, Snakes and Stones” (BAR, November/December 2010), archaeologist Yitzhak Magen revealed evidence of a Samaritan temple at Mt. Gerizim that he dated to the time of Nehemiah, the fifth century B.C.E. In response, a reader asked for clarification about the date, which conflicts with Josephus’s account of events surrounding the Samaritan temple’s construction. Yitzhak Magen replied with a detailed explanation of the temple dating and timeline of related events.

Apr 29

Explore the Huqoq Mosaics

By: BAS Staff

Season after season, archaeologists have uncovered stunning mosaics at Huqoq’s synagogue in Galilee.


Jun 10

Digital Humanities and the Ancient World

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In a series of web-exclusive articles written by pioneering scholars developing the Digital Humanities, learn how this emerging field of study is helping to analyze textual and archaeological data—and how you can help.

Feb 26

Raphael Golb Guilty of Impersonating Dead Sea Scrolls Scholar

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

A New York jury returned a verdict of guilty on 30 of 31 counts against 50-year-old Raphael Golb, son of University of Chicago Dead Sea Scroll scholar Norman Golb. Thus ended Raphael Golb’s three week trial in which he admitted to originating hundreds of emails and blogs, in some of which he used fake accounts to impersonate prominent scroll scholar Lawrence Schiffman of New York University.


Dec 5

Excavating the Bible—A Response

By: Yitzhak Meitlis

In the September/October 2014 issue of BAR, Itzhaq Shai reviewed Yitzhak Meitlis’s book Excavating the Bible (Eshel Books, 2012). Here, Meitlis responds to Shai’s review.


Aug 8

Three Takes on the Oldest Hebrew Inscription

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In the May/June 2012 BAR, epigrapher Christopher A. Rollston considered four contenders as candidates for the oldest Hebrew inscription. Rollston’s thoughtful discussion was met by dissenting responses from distinguished archaeological and Biblical scholars, including Yosef Garfinkel and Aaron Demsky.