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Steed Davidson

Steed Vernyl Davidson is Professor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago Illinois. He serves as the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty. He academic interests center around prophetic literature and imperial discourses in the Hebrew Bible. His work has examined structured domination in the Hebrew Bible using postcolonial and other critical enquiries. The author of Empire and Exile: Postcolonial Readings of Selected Texts of the Book of Jeremiah and Writing/Reading the Bible in Postcolonial Perspective, his most recent publication is a co-authored work, Prophetic Otherness: Constructions of Otherness in Prophetic Literature.

Presenter at

Spring Bible & Archaeology Fest 2022, April 2 – 3, 2022
Sexting Empire: Erotic Imperial Discourses in the Hebrew Bible

An exploration of visual imperial propaganda that deploys erotic depictions of imperial domination in the ancient Near East. To what extent have these visuals images influenced textual representations of imperial discourses in the Hebrew Bible? Where can sexualized images be seen in the Hebrew Bible in relation to imperial representations and what interpretive conclusions can be drawn from these representations.