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Robyn Walsh

Robyn Faith Walsh is an Associate Professor at the University of Miami (UM). She earned her Ph.D. at Brown University in Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, with a focus on early Christianity, ancient Judaism, and Roman archaeology. She has published broadly in these fields and her work can be found in venues like the Classical Quarterly, Jewish Studies Quarterly, and Harvard Theological Review. Her recent monograph, The Origins of Early Christian Literature: Contextualizing the New Testament within Greco-Roman Literary Culture was published with Cambridge University Press.

Presenter at

February Bible & Archaeology Fest 2024
Rediscovering Lost Diaspora Communities in Spain

Recent reevaluations of archaeological data in Spain suggest that there is a great deal of evidence for the late antique Jewish diaspora that has been largely obscured, ignored, or forgotten, in part due to the social and political upheaval that country faced in the twentieth century. This presentation will present several concrete case studies demonstrating these communities have been hidden in plain sight, calling for a further reevaluation of our extant evidence.