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Norma Franklin

Dr. Norma Franklin is a field archaeologist who is happiest with complex stratigraphy. Other interests include ancient building techniques, water systems, and technology — old and new. Her research has focused on the three key cities of the Northern Kingdom of Israel: Samaria, Megiddo and Jezreel. She took part in the previous expedition Jezreel in 1990, directed by David Ussishkin of Tel Aviv University. In 1992 she became a founding member of the Megiddo Expedition, and served as a field archaeologist, successively directing 4 of the excavation areas. She resigned in 2011 in order to launch the Jezreel Expedition. Norma is the co-director of the Jezreel Expedition and a Research Associate at the Zinman Institute of Archaeology at the University of Haifa, Israel and an Associate Fellow of the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem.

Presenter at

Bible & Archaeology Fest XVI, November 22 – 24, 2013
Jezreel and the View from Jezebel’s Window

Jezreel played an important role of in the history of the northern Kingdom of Israel. The Book of Kings weaves a dramatic story that involves Ahab King of Israel, his infamous wife Jezebel and the ill-fated Naboth and his coveted vineyard. Retribution came later at the hands of the usurper Jehu who murdered the kings, Joram of Israel and Ahaziah of Judah; took control of Jezreel and slaughtered Jezebel and the 60 sons of Ahab. This presentation illuminates the key military role that Jezreel played not only during the Biblical period but also during the Roman/Byzantine period; the Crusader Kingdom; the Ottoman Empire and even events in the 20th century. The new Jezreel Expedition, which is using airborne LiDAR (laser) technology for the first time on an archaeological project in Israel, is examining the site of Jezreel and its environs and documenting newly revealed features. The results of the first season of excavation will also be revealed for the first time.