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Meg Ramey

Dr. Meg Ramey (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is the Founder and Executive Director of WorldKind, an educational organization that promotes lifelong learning about history, humanities, and sacred texts through on-line, in-person, and “on the ground” courses across the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Europe. As a biblical scholar herself, Dr. Ramey facilitates better understanding of the Bible by serving as a guest scholar on many educational travel programs and through lecturing at universities and churches around the world.

Previously, as an Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Messiah University in Pennsylvania, she led students on education abroad programs spanning eighteen countries and has herself lived, worked, or studied on five different continents for extended periods. She has published articles and chapters on both biblical studies and popular culture topics as well as one book entitled The Quest for the Fictional Jesus. She was the Editor in Chief for the "Bible in Fiction" project for Oxford Biblical Studies Online and continues taking on a number of editing projects for clients. She also occasionally writes articles for the Biblical Archaeological Review, such as this recent one on "Hiking in Paul's Footsteps" in Turkey.

In her free time, she volunteers with her local Rotary Club and serves on the board of YesLiberia, a non-profit that seeks to empower young people in Liberia through meaningful service-learning opportunities in education, healthcare, and technology. When the weather is nice, you can find her outdoors kayaking, hiking, biking, or camping with her husband Duke and a camera in hand. She also enjoys creating stained, fused, and sea glass mosaics; playing board games; and sharing meals with friends.

Presenter at

In Paul’s Footsteps In Turkey 2021, September 18 – October 03, 2021