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Konstantinos Politis

Educated in Greece, the United States, Belgium, and Britain, archaeologist Konstantinos Politis is Chairperson of the Hellenic Society for Near Eastern Studies. From 1988 until 2011 he was based at the British Museum which was the principal sponsor of his excavations in Jordan. He specializes in the early Byzantine and early Islamic periods. In recent years, Dr. Politis has been conducting research on the origins of the sugar industry, based largely on his ongoing excavations at the medieval sugar mill site of Tawahin al-Sukr in Jordan’s Ghor es-Safi.

Presenter at

Spring Bible & Archaeology Fest 2023
Zoara and Lot’s Cave from biblical to medieval times. Excavations and Studies, 1987-2019

Zoara and the Cave Sanctuary Lot are two closely associated archaeological sites in the Ghor as-Saf in modern Jordan. I discovered, excavated and restored the former, and conducted the most extensive excavations and studies to date at the second. They are both now fully published, and my talk is a summary of the results of my work from 1987-2019.

The sites have important remains from Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic periods.