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Erika Brown

Erika Brown is a multi-talented individual with a passion for archaeology and a commitment to sharing her knowledge with the world. Currently pursuing her Ph.D. in archaeology at Lipscomb University's Lanier Center for Archaeology, Erikaspecializes in the intriguing area of ancient Israelite sexual practices. Her work delves into a lesser-explored facet of the past, offering fresh perspectives on the lives of those who lived long ago. Beyond the classroom, Erika has gained practical experience through participation in archaeological excavations at Tel Gezer and Tel Burna. Her fieldwork has allowed her to unearth history and contribute valuable insights to her field. Erika's dedication to archaeology doesn't stop at research. As an active member in her community, she's been an advocate for biblical archaeology, introducing the subject to those around her and fostering a deeper understanding of our shared history. As the creator and host of "Just So You Know," a thriving social media project, Erika has a significant impact on presenting biblical archaeology to a wide audience. With thousands of followers and viewers, she's making history accessible and engaging to any and everyone. Erika's journey is as diverse as it is impressive. She's not only a dedicated scholar but also an Army veteran, demonstrating her resilience and discipline. In her personal life, she's celebrated 20 years of marriage to Lonnie Brown and is a loving mother to their two sons. Erika Brown's life is a testament to her commitment to education, her pioneering research, and her desire to bridge the gap between social media and academia. She continues to make history relevant and exciting for all who have the privilege of learning from her.

Presenter at

Bible & Archaeology Fest XXVII, November 22 – 24, 2024

Bible & Archaeology Fest XXVI, November 17 – 19, 2023
Biblical Archaeology and Social Media