Explore Petra

Lost City of Stone

Petra National Trust
©Phoenix Data Systems, 2006
Reviewed by Dorothy Resig

Users can “explore Petra in the footsteps of the Nabataeans,” in the words of this new DVD-ROM from the Petra National Trust. To begin, the user can click a spot on the provided map of Petra or choose from a number of pre-selected starting points to view the hundreds of stunning photographs—many of them panoramic images—of the ancient city. Accompanying each picture is a descriptive caption with links to a useful glossary of terms.

Understanding the navigation tools takes a bit of trial and error, but once mastered, users can follow paths through the city and wander around from place to place—all while looking up, down, left and right—much like an actual visitor to the site. Audio clips of people and animals add to the realistic atmosphere.

Aside from the map on the cover, there was little in the way of geographical or historical context to serve as an introduction to the site or the region. The captions were repetitive for some of the images, but overall they were very detailed and helpful.

The beautiful 360° photography and informative captions make this interactive DVD-ROM an affordable alternative for anyone who wants to explore the ancient city of Petra without having to make the trip all the way to the Middle East.

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