Queries & Comments

Queries & Comments

May 20

More Queries and Comments Summer 2024

By: BAS Staff

Grateful for BAR I REALLY CHERISH BAR. As a Christian, reading BAR prompts me to look up events/scripture in the Bible. For this alone, I […]

Feb 20

More Queries & Comments Spring 2024

By: BAS Staff

The Millo THE ARTICLE “The Millo: Jerusalem’s Lost Monument,” by Chris McKinny et al. is excellent and makes a good case for the purpose and […]

Nov 17

More Queries & Comments Winter 2023

By: BAS Staff

Memorable Maccabees   IN HER ARTICLE “The Rise of the Maccabees,” Andrea Berlin makes a statement that needs a slight clarification. She writes, “The trouble […]

Aug 25

More Queries & Comments Fall 2023

By: BAS Staff

Don’t Diminish the Bible IN QUERIES AND COMMENTS of your Spring 2023 issue, I noticed what appears to be a growing concern for the intent […]

May 26

More Queries & Comments Summer 2023

By: BAS Staff

The Genesis of Judaism   I WAS SURPRISED, to say the least, with what I learned from Yonatan Adler’s article “The Genesis of Judaism” (Winter […]

Feb 24

More Queries & Comments Spring 2023

By: BAS Staff

Taking a Sling AS A RETIRED NEUROSURGEON, I read with enthusiasm the article by Boyd Seevers and Victoria Parrott on biblical-era slings (“Taking a Sling: […]

Nov 18

More Queries & Comments Winter 2022

By: BAS Staff

Pigs Taboo I HAVEN’T READ the book Evolution of a Taboo, reviewed by Aren M. Maeir (Book Review, Spring 2022), but I will add that from […]

Aug 26

More Queries and Comments Fall 2022

By: BAS Staff

Jesus in Arabia THE BASALT DESERT with its rock inscriptions was and remains, according to Ahmad Al-Jallad (“Jesus in Arabia: Tracing the Spread of Christianity […]

May 27

More Queries & Comments Summer 2022

By: BAS Staff

Chalk Vessels  IN A LETTER TO BAR (Q&C, Fall 2021), Yonatan Adler asks for ideas from BAR readers about how chalk vessels could have been […]

BAR Fall 2021 Cover

Feb 25

More Queries & Comments Spring 2022

By: BAS Staff

The Mazars   I WAS SURPRISED that Eilat Mazar’s cousin, Amihai Mazar, was not mentioned in her very nice Milestones memorial column (Fall 2021). Was […]