Virtual “Spring Bible and Archaeology FEST” Offers Global Audience New Finds, New Analysis, and Intriguing Debates


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WASHINGTON, DC — The Biblical Archaeology Society, publisher of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), a niche consumer magazine, will host the first-ever spring online edition of its annual signature event from the fall. The Spring Bible and Archaeology Fest on April 2–3 offers live talks from 18 leading Bible scholars and archaeologists via the Zoom computer application. Registered, paid participants can enjoy two days of online learning with experts in the fields from all over the world.

The program features The Bible and Archaeology: A Love-Hate Relationship, a plenary session from renowned archaeologist Dr. Yosef Garfinkel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He specializes in the Protohistoric era of the Near East, the period of time when the world’s earliest village communities were established and the beginning of agriculture took place.

In the plenary, Garfinkel will analyze the history of the field of biblical archaeology, arguing for five different phases in the relationship between the Bible and archaeology, beginning in 1847 when the Lachish reliefs from Sennacherib’s palace in Nineveh were unearthed.

A new feature of this spring event is a virtual tour of Israel’s ancient port city Caesarea Maritima, custom designed by host and Bible atlas author Carl Rasmussen, Bethel University in Minnesota.

Other familiar names from Biblical Archaeology Review, plus rising stars will be presenting:

  • JOHN AHN, Howard University School of Divinity, One Judaism or Competing Expressions? Persian and Egyptian Influences on Post-Exilic Jewish Belief and Identity
  • GAY BYRON, Howard University School of Divinity, The Invisible Lives of Ethiopic Manuscripts
  • ERIC CLINE, George Washington University, After 1177 BC: The Rebirth of Civilization
  • STEED DAVIDSON, McCormick Theological Seminary, Sexting Empire: Erotic Imperial Discourses in the Hebrew Bible
  • JP DESSEL, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, The Village Elders of ‘Ein Zippori: The Hinterland of Milk and Honey in Text and Artifact
  • DEBRA FORAN, Wilfrid Laurier University, The Town of Nebo through the Ages: New Discoveries from Khirbat al-Mukhayyat
  • DEIRDRE FULTON, Baylor University, Animal Offerings at the Carthage Tophet
  • JEFFREY GARCÍA, Nyack College, “Going Up to Jerusalem”: Temple Pilgrimage in the Gospels and Acts
  • YOSEF GARFINKEL, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Bible and Archaeology:
    A Love-Hate Relationship, Plenary Speaker
  • MARY JOAN LEITH, Stonehill College-Easton, Not Just in Judah: Yahwism in the Persian Period
  • CARL RASMUSSEN, Bethel University, Caesarea by the Sea: An In-Depth Virtual Tour of Herod’s Grand Port City, Virtual Tour Host
  • ANNETTE YOSHIKO REED, New York University, The Beginnings of Jewish Demonology: What Did Ancient Jews Believe About Demons?
  • JULIA RHYDER, Harvard University, Celebrating War: Festivals and War Commemoration in the Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Traditions
  • ALISON SCHOFIELD, University of Denver, The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls: New Discoveries and Recent Forgeries
  • JUAN MANUEL TEBES, Catholic University of Argentina, The Southern Origins of Yahweh and the Archaeology of the Desert Cults
  • GYŐZŐ VÖRÖS, Archaeologist-Architect, Hungarian Academy of Arts, Machaerus: Where Salome Danced and John the Baptist Was Beheaded
  • BEN WITHERINGTON III, Asbury Theological Seminary, Isaiah in the New Testament: How New Testament Writers Viewed Old Testament Prophecy
  • SARAH YEOMANS, Archaeologist, Luke the “Beloved Physician”: Doctors and Medicine in Asia Minor

For more than two decades, numerous scholars and dedicated enthusiasts have come together at a Bible & Archaeology Fest for enjoying the latest finds, scholarship, and discussions of the Bible and archaeology. Registration for this virtual event and its recordings is $199. The student rate is $99. Sign up at

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