Egyptologist and Islamic Scholar leads tour to Egypt and lectures at newly opened, rarely visited sites


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WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 9, 2019)

Travel off-the-beaten-path with a scholar at your side
Dr. Chahinda Karim of the American University in Cairo will lead a 13-day tour of ancient and modern Egypt from January 20-31, 2020 that includes a 4-day Nile Cruise and excursions to sites most travelers do not experience on “paths less beaten.” Karim, who has led tours for Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS) Travel/Study enthusiasts since 2005 to rave reviews will share details and insights on the progression of civilizations in Egypt through key Pharaonic, Coptic, and Islamic sites.

“Meaningful for me is Chahinda’s ability to speak intelligently on a variety of religious matters, ranging from the religion of the ancient Egyptians, to Islam, to Coptic Christianity. Her insight on the contributions of Egypt to the development of monotheism, a topic too often ignored, was eye-opening for me. I also enjoyed her lecture on Life, Death, and Resurrection in Ancient Egypt.”

Stimulating lectures give life to a well-crafted itinerary
The Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo and the Sonesta St. George Nile Cruiser will be the venue for a relaxing informal lectures/slide presentation with Dr. Karim covering, but not limited to, Bible History in Egypt and Akhenaton and Amarna Period; they will offer travelers the much-needed context and perspective that inspires their experiences with Egypt. Travelers will bring home valuable insights and new perspectives.

“I sailed down the Nile and the Bible came to life” a past traveler remarked
The Sonesta St. George, our modern state-of-the-art Nile cruiser, features luxury cabins and service plus a maximum daylight sailing schedule—travelers can observe the passing scenery hugging the banks of the Nile reminiscent of Biblical times.

Explore the land of pharaohs and kings, prophets, and patriarchs
The well-paced itinerary includes a generous amount of time in Cairo to visit the classical sights – the Pyramids, Solar Boat, Memphis, Saqqara, Coptic, and Islamic Cairo. A land program in Luxor highlights two leisurely and extensive visits to the West Bank of Thebes including both the East and rarely visited pristine west Valley of the Kings, Nobles, Workers, a full-day visit of Abydos and Dendera, the unparalleled archaeological sites of the Karnak and Luxor Temples and the Luxor Museum.

BAS Egypt travel partner Journeys of the Mind is an educational tour company whose mission is to provide curious travelers with an educational travel experience that combines the rewards of discovery and cultural understanding with the steady assurance of safety and comfort. Through educational travel programming, travelers are engaged intellectually, facilitating an expanding awareness of our world. The on-the-ground expertise of its founder and adult educator is invaluable to the experience.

Join a journey of discovery
BAS Travel/Study is offering this value-laden experience to Egypt for the unbelievable price of $5,675 per person – a luxury tour with the educational spin of a PBS special.

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