Duke University’s Mark Goodacre Launches 2022 BAS Scholars Series With Timely Talk for Easter


Alicia Bregon
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WASHINGTON, D.C.—The 2022 BAS Scholars Series program premiers March 10 with the live, online presentation of Jesus’s Resurrection in the New Testament: Who Witnessed What and Why? by Dr. Mark Goodacre of Duke University.

This talk looks at the first apparent “witnesses” to the resurrection “appearances” (sightings of Jesus), asking who they were, what they thought they had seen, what it meant to them, and how this functioned in the earliest preaching of the Gospel. Could it be that these earliest “witnesses to the resurrection” hold the key to the understanding of the beginnings of Christianity?

Goodacre, a frequent speaker at BAS Travel/Study events, is the Frances Hill Fox Professor of Religious Studies at Duke University in North Carolina. His research interests include the Gospels, the Apocryphal New Testament, and the Historical Jesus.

The BAS Scholars Series is a quarterly program of online live presentations by noted scholars of the Bible and archaeology. Each hour-long talk, via Zoom, is $10 and focuses on a subject of the speaker’s expertise. The series is a presentation of the Biblical Archaeology Society, a nonprofit educational organization created in 1974 to bridge the gap between academia and the broad public in the niche field of biblical archaeology.

The Biblical Archaeology Society is best known as the publisher of Biblical Archaeology Review. To learn more about this event and other Travel/Study offerings, visit

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