Bible & Archaeology Fest of Experts Offers Online Global Audience New Reports, New Analysis, and Kick-off Plenary LIVE


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WASHINGTON, DC, FEBRUARY 13, 2024—The Biblical Archaeology Society, publisher of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), a popular consumer magazine, will host a new & improved edition of this exciting online-only event.

The February Bible and Archaeology Fest on February 24 & 25 offers live talks from 13 leading Bible scholars and archaeologists via the Zoom app. Registered, paid participants from around the world can enjoy two days of live, online learning with experts in the fields of archaeology and the Bible.

A new feature of this February’s online event is a streamlined program offering a single track of live presentations on both Saturday and Sunday from 10 am until 5:15 pm Eastern. The program features Where is Abraham’s Ur?, a plenary session from renowned scholar Dr. Gary Rendsburg of Rutgers University.

“If you think you know the answer – the great city of Ur, in southern Iraq – you will need to think again,” Rendsburg said. “There is not a single shred of evidence which places Abraham that far away from the land of Canaan.”

Other familiar names from Biblical Archaeology Review will be presenting, along with some rising stars: 

  • SOLANGE ASHBY Shepenwepet II Kushite God’s Wife of Amun
  • SHLOMIT BECHAR Exploring Temples and Cultic Practices in the Second Millennium BCE at Tel Hazor
  • AARON BRODY Women’s Religious Rituals and the Sea: Evidence from Coastal Phoenicia
  • ANN KILLEBREW New Insights into Phoenician Cult and Religion in the Biblical World
  • UZI LEIBNER and ORIT PELEG-BARKAT At the Temple Gates: Pilgrimage in the Late Second Temple Period in Light of the Renewed Excavations at the Ophel
  • CAROLINA LÓPEZ-RUIZ Who Were the Phoenicians and What Were They Doing in Iberia?
  • ROBERT MULLINS Recent Excavations at Abel Beth Maacah
  • KONSTANTINOS POLITIS Nabataeans on the Shores of the Dead Sea
  • SETH SANDERS Barbecuing for the Lord: the Embodied God of the Biblical Priestly Tradition
  • BARBETTE SPAETH Sacred Prostitution and the Cult of Aphrodite/Venus in Ancient Corinth
  • ROBYN WALSH Rediscovering Lost Diaspora Communities in Spain

Registration for this virtual two-day event and limited access to any recordings is $149. BAS All-Access Members SAVE $20: $129. The registration deadline is Thursday, February 22, 2024. Sign up online at

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