Bible and Archaeology Annual Festival Offers Global Online Audience New Discoveries, In-Depth Analysis, and Intriguing Debates


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WASHINGTON, DC, September 20, 2022—The Biblical Archaeology Society, publisher of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), a quarterly popular magazine, will soon host its signature event online. The 25th Annual Bible & Archaeology Fest on October 8-9 offers live talks from leading Bible scholars and archaeologists from around the world via the free, downloadable Zoom computer application.

Registered, paid participants will enjoy a weekend of two online learning tracks with 16 experts in biblical and archaeological studies wherever they have an internet connection. Or after the live event for a limited time, attendees can stream recordings for continued enrichment.

This year esteemed scholar and popular author Carol Meyers from Duke University is plenary speaker with “The Ancient ‘Gender Gap’: The Bible, Archaeology, and Israelite Women.” Following the plenary, attendees can enjoy a lively Saturday night Dead Sea Scrolls 75th Anniversary panel moderated by BAR Editor-in-Chief Glenn Corbett, with experts Charlotte Hempel, University of Birmingham, UK, Dennis Mizzi, University of Malta, and Joe Uziel, Israel Antiquities Authority.

Other top scholars presenting include:

  • ELIZABETH BACKFISH: Conventions and Contributions of Hebrew Poetry
  • ANDREA BERLIN: Hellenism and its Consequences
  • JAMES CHARLESWORTH: Discovering the Tombs of David and Solomon After 50 Years of Searching
  • CHRISTY COBB: Slavery, Archaeology, and the New Testament
  • RALPH HAWKINS: The Promise of the Conquest of Canaan in the Book of Exodus
  • LEE JEFFERSON: Was Jesus a Magician? Wands, Wizards, and Magic in Early Christianity
  • SHELBY JUSTL: The Real Housewives of Ancient Egypt
  • THOMAS LEVY: Archaeological Science and Biblical Edom
  • R. STEVEN NOTLEY: Byzantine Bethsaida and the House of St. Peter
  • JAMES TABOR: How Does One Follow the God of Israel after 70 C.E.? How the Gospel of Mark is Our Earliest Post-War Proposal
  • SHELLEY WACHSMANN: “Some Went Down to the Sea in Ships…”: Ships, Boats, and Seafaring in Biblical Times

Early Registration for this BAS Travel/Study 25th Anniversary event is only $179 through September 26 (Regularly $199); Students: $99. To register online, go to

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