Video: Inside the 2014 Excavations at Tell Timai (Ancient Thmuis)

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The 2014 excavations at Tell Timai, directed by Robert Littman and Jay Silverstein, are exposing the ancient city of Thmuis in the Egyptian Nile Delta. Occupied from the fifth century B.C.E., the Greco-Roman city developed into a Christian center in the early first millennium.

In this studio-quality production, Tell Timai archaeologists provide a look at their dig site and their 2014 research while providing viewers with a taste of travel in Egypt and the atmosphere on an archaeological field crew.

Videography by Alyssa Bokovoy. Courtesy of Robert Littman and Jay Silverstein. Visit the project website at

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Watch more exclusive videos from the excavations at Tell Timai:

Meet and travel with the team: Get to know the project’s Kufti archaeologists, explore ancient streets and the preserved mudbricks that shaped them and dive into the port of Alexandria with rare underwater video footage.

Mudbrick-making and conservation at Tell Timai: Excavation staff member and mudbrick architecture specialist Marta Lorenzon provides a look into the creation of new mudbricks to conserve the ancient walls at Tell Timai.

Learn more about mudbrick-making at Tell Timai:

In “With and Without Straw: How Israelite Slaves Made Bricks” in the March/April 2014 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, Robert Littman, Marta Lorenzon and Jay Silverstein describe the recreation of ancient mudbrick-making techniques to conserve ancient walls at Tell Timai.

Learn how to make a mudbrick step by step in Bible History Daily >>


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5 Responses

  1. robert user says:

    The only thing I understood was the intros. I hope it gets better. Music was awful.

  2. Mildred Bilt says:

    Awful video; mumbles and slurred speech, pathetic noise that posed as background music- not even a sophomoric effort–more like inept middle schoolers.

  3. Bruce says:

    Perhaps the worse music at the 5:30 – 6:30 area of the video… unless you like goth, heavy metal and hearing music from the sticks of Africa. For those of us who do historical research… young lady… redo.

  4. Kay Lorraine says:

    This was a terrific look at what you are doing this year. Thanks for posting it and keeping your “fans” in the loop. BTW, Alyssa is doing a very nice job with the video. As an old film producer (the emphasis on “old”), I appreciate the way she has edited this and incorporated music to give added value and increase the experience for the viewer.

    Please keep posting, OK?

    Kay Lorraine

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