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“On a recent trip to Israel I took the opportunity to watch all five programs of An Archaeological Search for Jesus. Since there are so many such documentaries available today, I was not sure what to expect but I was thoroughly and totally pleased with every program. This series has my enthusiastic and unqualified endorsement. There is simply nothing else like it. Hershel Shanks asks all the right questions of just the right people—the result is truly wonderful. I plan to show this series in all my Christian Origins classes to supplement what I do with my own slides and lectures. Watching it “on the ground,” in Israel made it all the more impressive. I give it 4 stars and an enthusiastic Thumbs Up!”

James D. Tabor
Dept. of Religious Studies
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte


“Once again the folks at BAS have performed a great service for those interested in the ways in which the world of archaeology can inform readings of Scripture … By means of gorgeous cinematography, fascinating interviews with leading scholars, and the guidance of ever-inquisitive host, Hershel Shanks, viewers are introduced to the archaeological evidence relevant to the life of Jesus and the many theories as to how to interpret the evidence (from the highly speculative to the cautiously constructive). As one would expect of anything produced by BAS, this project is crafted in such a way as to insure that even technical discussions are presented so as to be of benefit to a very wide audience … It is certain to be a welcomed and valuable resource in the many venues where the life of Jesus is studied.”

John Christopher Thomas
Clarence J. Abbott Professor of Biblical Studies
Church of God Theological Seminary


“Hershel Shanks and the Biblical Archaeology Society have provided us with a one-of-a-kind visual aid in the search for the historical Jesus. This fine series shows the importance and illumination of setting the life and teachings of Jesus within the Jewish historical and social context out of which they emanate … Highly recommended.”

Ben Witherington, III
Professor of New Testament
Asbury Theological Seminary


“Many people will never have the chance to see places like Capernaum, Sepphoris, Bethlehem and Bethsaida from the air, or to stand in Cave 4 at Qumran. And many will not know to go behind the so-called cave of Jesus’ burial to see the authentic burial caves there … From an educator’s perspective, I would give this a ‘thumb’s up.’ Not only do the interviews and explanations answer many questions, they also unearth additional questions for further research by teachers and students.”

Evan Heerema
Field Education Director
Reformed Bible College

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