Biblical Archaeology Review, Summer 2024

Enjoy the exciting Summer 2024 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review as you excavate dramatic discoveries, incredible insights, and fun facts from the world of the Bible.

In “Finding Jesus,” explore the early Christian village of Shivta and the marvelous paintings from the life of Jesus that are still preserved in its Byzantine churches. Then venture “Into the Heart of Moab” in Jordan to visit Balu‘a, where excavations have revealed a vital commercial and strategic center of the Moabite kingdom. In “Solomon’s Powerplay,” examine new archaeological evidence that may resolve the longstanding debate as to whether Gezer’s monumental fortifications were built by King Solomon. And in “Rising from the Ashes,” journey back in time to the Late Bronze Age collapse and investigate what factors led new peoples such as the Israelites and Philistines to emerge.

Travel to ancient Antioch to learn how the early church father John Chrysostom envisioned the protective power of the city’s martyred saints. Then browse the souvenir shops of the Roman world to view the precious mementos that travelers took home to remind them of their trips to various cities. We then highlight the site of Ghor al-Safi, just south of the Dead Sea, where modern tourists can visit ruins associated with the biblical story of Lot.

Examine Paul’s letters to see what they reveal about the mysterious affliction that led some to judge the apostle as “weak” (2 Corinthians 10:10). We also get a fresh perspective on Abishag, the little-known but often objectified woman who attended King David in his final days.

Visit us online, at Bible History Daily, to see the latest news in biblical archaeology or to delve into additional articles, eBooks, and videos about key Bible and archaeology topics. And enjoy this issue’s Web Exclusive, “Searching for Solomon,” to join archaeologists as they track down evidence for one of the Bible’s most legendary kings.

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Finding Jesus: Byzantine Paintings at Shivta

Emma Maayan-Fanar and Yotam Tepper
Traces of wall paintings in the Byzantine-period village of Shivta in the Negev have been recently identified as images of Jesus. They portray Jesus’s baptism, painted in the North Church’s baptistery, and the Transfiguration, in the South Church. These rare compositions elucidate the development of early Christian iconography and cultural life in this remote region.

Into the Heart of Moab: Excavations at Khirbet Balu‘a

Craig W. Tyson
Despite Moab’s proximity to Israel and Judah and its prominence in the biblical account, we still know little about this ancient kingdom east of the Jordan. A more fulsome picture is coming to light thanks to excavations at the site of Khirbet Balu‘a, one of the largest Moabite sites ever discovered. Journey into the heart of Moab to see what archaeology has revealed about this ancient city and its connections to the biblical past.

Solomon’s Powerplay: Gezer’s Royal Complex Confirmed

Steven Ortiz and Samuel Wolff
Did Solomon fortify the royal city of Gezer as the Hebrew Bible claims (1 Kings 9)? Explore new archaeological evidence that confirms he did. Monumental architecture now securely dated to the mid-tenth century BCE testifies that Gezer was a fortified administrative center already during the time of King Solomon, when the rising power of Judah was expanding westward into the Shephelah.

Rising from the Ashes: Israel and the Dawn of the Iron Age

Eric H. Cline
In the wake of the Late Bronze Age collapse, change swept over the eastern Mediterranean world. In the southern Levant, the once-formidable Canaanite city-states yielded to the rise of new kingdoms, including biblical Israel. Explore this historic transformation and the ways in which various peoples adapted to the shifting realities of a changed world.



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