Biblical Archaeology Review, Spring 2023

The Spring 2023 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review showcases the many ways that archaeology continues to open up new vistas on key figures and events from the Bible. In “Jeremiah’s Journey to Egypt,” trace the textual, archaeological, and geological evidence for the prophet’s escape to Egypt following the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem. In “Jesus in the Synagogue,” examine first-century synagogues discovered in Israel and what they reveal about the early Jewish communities Jesus encountered during his ministry. Learn “Who Lived at Hazor?” the greatest of the Canaanite cities, and how you can get involved in digging its fabled past. And in “Set in Stone?” follow text detectives as they question whether new photographs of the famous Mesha Stele actually confirm the inscription’s possible reference to the “House of David.”

In Strata, we highlight volunteer opportunities for the upcoming summer dig season. In addition to seeing what sites are being excavated, read about a few sites “off the beaten path” and why they have just as much archaeology to offer as better-known biblical sites. Next, explore the many bath-shaped vessels found throughout ancient Israel and why most were not actually used for bathing.

In Epistles, untangle the complicated history of early Christian depictions of Moses and why medieval artists often showed Judaism’s most important prophetic figure with horns. Then take a closer look at the apostle Paul’s reference to the prostitutes of Corinth and the surprising evidence that paints a far less salacious picture of cultic life in this prosperous Greek city. Finally, examine the broader Near Eastern context for the language, meaning, and symbolism of the covenant relationship in ancient Israel.

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Jesus in the Synagogue

Jordan J. Ryan
Archaeologists have now uncovered 16 synagogues from the early Roman period. These assembly halls inform our understanding of Jewish communal and religious life in Galilee and Judea, including locales where Jesus lived and taught. Explore the biblical and archaeological evidence for the significant role that synagogues played in Jesus’s ministry.

Jeremiah’s Journey to Egypt

James K. Hoffmeier
Following the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE, the prophet Jeremiah opted to spend his final years in Egypt. Although the Book of Jeremiah names a few of the places the prophet passed along his journey to Egypt, the precise route he took is never described. See how recent archaeological and geological evidence finally confirms the road that Jeremiah traveled.

Who Lived at Hazor?

Shlomit Bechar
Hazor was the largest Canaanite city during the Bronze Age—and remembered as “the head of all those kingdoms” in Joshua 11:10. Could only the wealthy afford to live within its massive walls, or did average people also call the city home? Explore its population over time with archaeologist Shlomit Bechar.

Set in Stone? Another Look at the Mesha Stele

Matthieu Richelle and Andrew Burlingame
The Mesha Stele might contain a reference to the “House of David.” Some scholars believe this reading can now be confirmed, thanks to new photographic evidence, as published in the Winter 2022 issue of BAR. However, others disagree. Take another look at the Mesha Stele, a ninth-century BCE Moabite victory stela, and see if the reading of the “House of David” is indeed set in stone.



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