Biblical Archaeology Review, Fall 2023

The Fall 2023 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review showcases the latest discoveries shaping our understanding of the biblical world. In “The Millo: Jerusalem’s Lost Monument,” explore the ancient fortification around Jerusalem’s Gihon Spring that may have been one of the city’s most important royal landmarks. In “Yahweh or Baal,” examine the evidence for the religion of the Northern Kingdom and see whether its infamous rulers were the heathen Baal worshipers portrayed in the Bible.

Unearth mysterious jar burials from Qumran and learn what this unusual practice reveals about the religious views of the sectarian community who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. And in “Constantinople: Christianity’s First Capital,” explore the deep history of Istanbul and the magnificent monuments that still give an impression of the city’s Christian past.

BAR brings you the latest in biblical archaeology news, including an update on the controversial Mt. Ebal curse tablet. Learn about a short Hebrew inscription from Second Temple Jerusalem and its apparent reference to Daedalus, the master craftsman of Greek mythology. Take a guided tour through the early Christian Catacomb of Priscilla in Rome, and hear from Steed Davidson, the new Executive Director of the Society of Biblical Literature, who shares his exciting plans for the organization’s future.

Then delve into the symbolism behind the “horns of Moses” and learn why the writers of Exodus depicted the prophet in this way. Explore the biblical concept of inspiration and its meaning to ancient writers, and rediscover Miriam, an important woman in early Israel and Jewish tradition.

Visit us online, at Bible History Daily, to see the latest news in biblical archaeology or to delve into additional articles, eBooks, and videos about key Bible and archaeology topics. And be sure to check out this issue’s exclusive interview with archaeologists Chris McKinny and Joe Uziel who present their case for identifying the biblical Millo with ancient Jerusalem’s Spring Tower.

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The Millo: Jerusalem’s Lost Monument

Chris McKinny, Aharon Tavger, Nahshon Szanton and Joe Uziel
Archaeologists have long searched for Jerusalem’s Millo, an ancient monument listed alongside the Temple of Yahweh and the royal palaces of David and Solomon in the Bible. But its exact nature and location have eluded us—until now. Join the hunt for the Millo and discover the latest archaeological evidence that may finally reveal its identity.

Yahweh or Baal—Who Was the God of Northern Israel?

Michael J. Stahl
The Hebrew Bible denounces the Omride kings of the Northern Kingdom of Israel for their worship of the Phoenician storm god Baal and their failure to embrace Israel’s God Yahweh. However, historical sources reveal that the Omrides did indeed worship Yahweh but used imagery and language drawn from the more widely worshiped Baal.

Constantinople: Christianity’s First Capital

Sarah K. Yeomans
For centuries, Constantinople (modern Istanbul) served as the capital of the Byzantine Empire and a major center of Christianity. The great city sat on the crossroads of the East and West, of Asia and Europe. Explore the city’s multilayered past, including its Roman, Christian, and Islamic heritage.

Were Temple Offerings Buried at Qumran?

Dennis Mizzi
At Qumran’s cemetery, excavation revealed two graves that contained no human remains, only storage jars filled with date honey. Sealed and carefully buried among ordinary graves, these vessels likely reflect the religious beliefs of the Qumran community. Follow the evidence as our author unravels the meaning behind this mysterious practice.



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