Biblical Archaeology Review, Fall 2022

Launch your exciting journey into the past with the Fall 2022 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review. In this issue, we explore the compelling archaeological evidence for the many Diaspora Jews who made Jerusalem their home during the time of Herod the Great and his successors. We then examine age-old questions about the origins of Israel’s God and reasons why some archaeologists believe Yahweh first emerged in the desert lands south of Judah. We also get a detailed look at the ancient sling and David’s use of such a simple weapon to defeat the Philistine giant Goliath. And we take a critical look at Magdala, an ancient Jewish port city on the Sea of Galilee that came to be misidentified with the hometown of one of Jesus’s most famous disciples, Mary Magdalene.

In Strata, as we continue to mark the 75th anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, we learn about ongoing efforts to locate thousands of scroll fragments that have gone missing, and we hear from researchers who are using artificial intelligence technology to identify the scribal hands who wrote the scrolls. And in BAR’s latest Site-Seeing column, we take a tour of Tel Dan in northern Israel, a site renowned for both its biblical ruins and breathtaking beauty.

Epistles offers important context for key biblical figures, including Rachel and Leah from the Hebrew Bible, and Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the eponymous authors of the New Testament Gospels. In Text Treasures, we celebrate the Rosetta Stone, the famed commemorative stela that allowed Jean-François Champollion to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs 200 years ago this September.

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Yahweh’s Desert Origins

Juan Manuel Tebes
Before Yahweh became the God of ancient Israel, archaeological evidence indicates that he was likely worshiped by desert peoples to the south. Coupled with the biblical text, this suggests a southern origin for Yahweh. Learn how desert ritual practices may have influenced Israelite worship and religion.

Journey to Jerusalem

Jodi Magness
Jerusalem was home to numerous Diaspora Jewish communities before the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 C.E. From texts to tombs, evidence of these communities abounds. See what it reveals about the city’s cultural, economic, and religious life and diversity.

Taking a Sling

Boyd Seevers and Victoria Parrott
The biblical story of David and Goliath is gripping and inspiring, but is it credible? How could the lowly shepherd defeat the formidable Philistine warrior with so simple a weapon as a sling? Discover the lethal capabilities of slings that give credence to the biblical account.

Magdala’s Mistaken Identity

Joan E. Taylor
The site of Magdala on the shores of the Sea of Galilee is associated by many with Jesus’s famous disciple, Mary Magdalene. Ancient sources, however, indicate that the site’s first-century remains are likely those of the Galilean harbor city of Taricheae. Explore what we know of this ancient Jewish town and how it came to be mistakenly identified with Magdala.



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