Biblical Archaeology Review, Fall 2021

Biblical Archaeology Review’s Fall 2021 issue features exciting new discoveries and insights about the world of the Bible. The cover story, “A Glorious Church for a Mysterious Martyr,” details the magnificent finds from a newly discovered Byzantine church that commemorates the burial place of a famous martyr whose exact identity remains unknown. In “Does Archaeology Confirm Joseph’s Time in Egypt?” we investigate evidence for the Hyksos in ancient Egypt that may shed light on the historical reality of the biblical stories of Joseph and the Exodus. Our third feature, “Canaanite Worship at Lachish—New Details Emerge,” reports on the newest temple found at Lachish and what it reveals about Canaanite religion. There is also a special interview, “Archaeology for the People,” where three scholars well known to public audiences—Eric H. Cline of the George Washington University, Melissa Cradic of the Badè Museum, and Jodi Magness of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—discuss why archaeologists should engage with the public, as well as BAR’s unique role in bridging the scholarly–popular divide.

In Strata, read a fascinating story about early Jewish interactions and perceptions of prehistoric fossils found in antiquity, as well as an Arch-Tech piece exploring new evidence for the purple dye industry that flourished during the days of Kings David and Solomon. In Epistles, learn about the signet, cord, and staff, three personal items that signified the authority of high-ranking individuals, which feature prominently in the biblical story of Judah and Tamar. Also, examine the Gospels that depict Jesus’s clear concern for Jewish purity laws.

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A Glorious Church for a Mysterious Martyr

By Benyamin Storchan

Step inside a glorious church and an archaeological mystery. The Israel Antiquities Authority has uncovered a magnificent Byzantine church dedicated to the “glorious martyr.” Although this martyr isn’t named, historical texts reveal possible identifications. Then tour a complete digital reconstruction of the church—prepared by archaeologists and digital specialists.

Does Archaeology Confirm Joseph’s Time in Egypt?

By Rachel Hallote

The biblical story of Joseph and his brothers may have a historical basis. Is it possible that the cultural memory of the Hyksos, who ruled Egypt during the 17th and 16th centuries B.C.E. but who were later expelled, morphed into the tradition of the Israelite sojourn in Egypt and the Exodus? The history and archaeology of ancient Egypt may provide an answer.

Canaanite Worship at Lachish—New Details Emerge

By Itamar Weissbein

Recent excavations of a temple found at Tel Lachish offer a window into Canaanite worship in the mid-12th century B.C.E., just before the powerful city-state was destroyed. Our author examines the rich array of cultic and ritual objects found amid the destroyed remains of the site’s Northeast Temple and explains what these finds reveal about Canaanite religious practice.

Biblical Archaeology for the People

By Eric H. Cline, Melissa Cradic and Jodi Magness

The Biblical Archaeology Society aims to educate the public about archaeology and the Bible. BAR interviewed three educators who share this vision—Eric H. Cline of the George Washington University, Melissa Cradic of the Badè Museum, and Jodi Magness of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—on the importance of public scholarship and new directions in the field.



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