Fall 2020 Issue of BAR

In early August, the new issue of Biblical Archaeology Review arrives.

For millennia, humans have attempted to depict the divine. The Fall 2020 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review offers some intriguing examples of this phenomenon. Examine early Christian depictions of Jesus in which he holds what looks like a magic wand. Step into 1 John 4 and discover what it means when it says that “God is love.” And, be sure to check out the issue, in homes and online in early August, for the reveal of a new archaeological discovery that shakes up what we know about worship in Israel and Judah during the biblical periods.

The issue also includes a survey of ancient pandemics, an investigative piece on the location of Galatia (the region where the biblical letter of Galatians was addressed), and a study of manual labor in early Christian monasteries in Egypt. Explore the site of Tel Rekhesh in northern Israel, see how superheroes affect our reading and interpretation of biblical figures, and investigate life and social conflict in ancient Galilee—the backdrop of the Gospels.

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