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The Galilee Jesus Knew

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Interested in Galilee, where Jesus lived and preached?

In this free eBook, learn how Jewish Galilee was in Jesus’ time.

Bible and archaeology experts will enrich your knowledge of this important region in this free eBook.

Galilee is one of the most evocative places in the New Testament—the area where Jesus was raised, where many of the Apostles came from, and where Jesus first began to preach. In this free eBook, Bible and archaeology experts will expand your knowledge of this important region, discussing the ports and the fishing industry that were so central to Galilee, the sites where Jesus likely stayed and preached, and how Jewish the area was in Jesus’ time.

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  • Nalda says

    John, Your comments seem to come out if no where. Why are you demeaning Lawrence? The geographic regions of Biblical times as well as tge circumstances of the culture and tge realities of then are different than today. Yet, those differences bear the same needs of the people’s need for God’s Grace. The need for Grace never leaves anyone’s life no matter their level of familiarity with the Bible. These articles hopefully show God’s provision across history.

  • John says

    With respect Lawrence, you said you were a pastor/teacher, if you do not know where Jesus lived, where he spent his time preaching ‘the Kingdom of God’ and where his disciples came from………..may I suggest that you study the Bible. it does all happen to be recorded in there!!!

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