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I Volunteered for This?! Life on an Archaeological Dig

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Interested in volunteering on an archaeological dig?

This free eBook gives you the know-how to get around and to be forewarned on what to expect from life on an archaeological dig.

You’ll be glad to have this informative, amusing and sometimes touching collection of articles by archaeological dig volunteers.

So you’re thinking about volunteering for an archaeological dig this summer. If you’ve never been on one before, it’s a little hard to know what to expect. Like thousands of travelers who buy travel guides before they set out abroad, you’ll need the know-how to get around and to be forewarned on what to expect when you get there. This free eBook gives you two dozen first hand accounts from those who’ve been there so you’ll know how to psyche yourself up, prepare for the trip and be ready for the adventure that awaits you.

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  • BAS says

    I have special 3 seasons of paleo Native American sites in the midwestern USA.! In addition, I am a noted travel photographer. I am interested in joining a Judaic excavation now that I have retired from being a NASA astronomer. I also studied human paleontology at UC Berkeley under the then late F. Clark Howell. It was here that I became good friends with Prof. Yoel Rak, noted paleo anthropologist and head of the the Department of Anatomy at the U. of Tel Aviv. I have visited and extensively toured Israel twice, the last time being in June of 2018.l

    I am looking to join a Judaic excavation in the very near future. While 68 years old, I am still very strong and without any medical conditions.

    Suggestions please? Many thanks.

  • Sabrina says

    I would like to receive something by mail, if possible. Sabrina

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