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Frank Moore Cross: Conversations with a Bible Scholar

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Interested in the tremendous work of Biblical scholar Frank Moore Cross?

This free eBook presents the influential scholarship of Frank Moore Cross, “one of the giants” in non-technical terms.

Featuring Cross on the Hebrew Bible, the origins of Israel, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the history of the alphabet, ancient Hebrew seals and ancient Hebrew inscriptions.

“Cross is one of the giants. This is probably the first time that he has presented his ideas in non-technical terms…a great translation of…tremendously influential scholarship.”
—Library Journal

“This book…illumines much of what has gone on in First Testament (Hebrew Bible) scholarship in the 20th century…one can see connections and interrelationships of people and ideas unavailable elsewhere.”
—James A. Sanders, Claremont Graduate School

The free eBook Frank Moore Cross: Conversations with a Bible Scholar, a collection of Hershel Shanks’s five interviews with Frank Moore Cross, is a treasure. Professor Cross has held the Hancock chair at Harvard for 35 years is generally regarded by his colleagues with awe.

Known for the trailblazing quality of his work, Cross has as bailiwick the ancient Near East. His scholarly interests covered in this book extend from the origins of Israel to the Dead Sea Scrolls, from the history of the alphabet to the history of culture, from handwriting typologies to ancient Hebrew seals and inscriptions.

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