Tel Megiddo


Uncovering the Site of the “Final Battle”

Megiddo, world-renown and celebrated, is the jewel in the crown of Biblical archaeology. Strategically perched above the Jezreel Valley, it guards the most important land route in the Ancient Near East—the Via Maris leading from Egypt to Mesopotamia. Megiddo dominated international traffic for over 6000 years—from c. 7000 B.C.E. through the Biblical era—and today is considered one of Israel’s most significant archaeological sites. As a World Heritage Site, Megiddo’s many monuments dating to the times reflected in the Bible offer everyone a special opportunity to view study and enjoy the ancient Biblical world.

Excavations at Megiddo revealed layer upon layer of human occupation covering the entire span of the Bronze and Iron Ages. The monumental Early Bronze Age temples of Megiddo have no parallel in the entire Levant. In the Late Bronze Age, the Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III captured the city in one of the most daring military campaigns of ancient times. During the Iron Age, successive Israelite kings built massive palaces and fortifications throughout the city, as well as an extraordinary waterworks system. The site is perhaps most famous, however, for its appearance in the Book of Revelation, where it is designated as the site of the final battle between the forces of good and evil.

The Expedition to Tel Megiddo welcomes students, families, clergy, retirees, long-time BARreaders, and everyone in between, to this incredible opportunity to excavate a world-famous site. We also offer undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to earn credits through our comprehensive field school.


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Geographic Location

Jezreel Valley, 60 miles northeast of Tel Aviv

Periods of Occupation

Bronze and Iron Ages


Israel Finkelstein

Dr. Israel Finkelstein is the Jacob M. Alkow Professor of the Archaeology of Israel in the Bronze Age and Iron Ages at Tel Aviv University and is the Director of excavations at Megiddo. Previously, he served as Director of the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University from 1996–2002. Dr. Finkelstein is the 2005 recipient of the Dan David Prize. He is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences.

Matthew Adams

Dr. Matthew Adams is the Dorot Director of the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem and Codirector of the Megiddo Expedition. He has excavated at numerous sites in Egypt and Israel. He is also Director of the Jezreel Valley Regional Project (JVRP), a survey and excavation project focusing on the entire valley over time. In that context he is also Codirector of the JVRP Excavations at Legio, the base of the Roman VIth Legion at the foot of Tel Megiddo.

Mario Martin

Dr. Mario Martin conducts research at the Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University and is Codirector of the Megiddo Expedition. Martin, a distinguished field archaeologist, completed his doctorate work at the University of Vienna with Professor Manfred Bietak. Dr. Martin’s extensive field experience includes his long-time work at the Austrian Archaeological Institute’s expedition to Tell el-Dab’a, Egypt, as well as work at Tel Dor, Jaffa and Timna, Israel.


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