Tel Megiddo

June 27—July 22, 2021

Uncovering the Site of the “Final Battle”

Tel Megiddo, a World Heritage Site, holds the remains of over 30 settlement layers ranging from the Chalcolithic to World War I. Known for its major contributions to the archaeology of the Bronze and Iron Ages, Megiddo is still providing exciting new information about the history of the biblical world and beyond.

Join us in 2021 to explore the Middle Bronze city gate, follow the clues for an undiscovered Iron Age palace, uncover a Greek mercenary’s barracks. Stay for one, two, three or all four weeks. Undergraduate and graduate credits available through Tel Aviv University. Visit https://megiddoexpedition.wordpress.com.


Geographic Location

Jezreel Valley, 60 miles northeast of Tel Aviv

Periods of Occupation

Bronze and Iron Ages

Dates of the Dig

June 27—July 22, 2021

Minimum Stay

1 week

Application Due

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Academic Credit/Cost per Credit/Institution

Contact for details.


Team Members are housed at nearby Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek in shared rooms with private bathrooms and air conditioning. Final costs to be announced in early 2021. There is a 10% discount for Consortium Institution Members. Regulations permitting, common recreational and light cooking spaces are available. Team members have access to some kibbutz facilities such as the pool, grocery store, and athletic fields.


TBA; 10% discount for Consortium Institution Members for Room and Board


Israel Finkelstein

Dr. Israel Finkelstein is the Jacob M. Alkow Professor of the Archaeology of Israel in the Bronze Age and Iron Ages at Tel Aviv University and is the Director of excavations at Megiddo. Previously, he served as Director of the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University from 1996–2002. Dr. Finkelstein is the 2005 recipient of the Dan David Prize. He is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences.

Matthew Adams

Dr. Matthew Adams is the Dorot Director of the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem and Codirector of the Megiddo Expedition. He has excavated at numerous sites in Egypt and Israel. He is also Director of the Jezreel Valley Regional Project (JVRP), a survey and excavation project focusing on the entire valley over time. In that context he is also Codirector of the JVRP Excavations at Legio, the base of the Roman VIth Legion at the foot of Tel Megiddo.

Mario Martin

Dr. Mario Martin conducts research at the Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University and is Codirector of the Megiddo Expedition. Martin, a distinguished field archaeologist, completed his doctorate work at the University of Vienna with Professor Manfred Bietak. Dr. Martin’s extensive field experience includes his long-time work at the Austrian Archaeological Institute’s expedition to Tell el-Dab’a, Egypt, as well as work at Tel Dor, Jaffa and Timna, Israel.


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